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Series I Torque Tester Torque Tester for Electric Drivers & Wrenches

The Series I digital torque tester is an ideal tool for calibrating electric screwdrivers with torque control. It features choice between several modes:
- peak mode to capture the peak torque achieved during a test
- real time mode to display torque transients
- peak down mode to capture critical first peak value.
Standard 3/8" drive is suitable for checking torque wrenches but not for impact wrenches. The digital torque testers are sold in kit form including tester, hard carrying case, 2 smart driver adapters and AC charger/adapter. A calibration kit is also available.

Do not use with impact or air tools (Ask for DI-1M impact wrench torque tester).

Smart driver adapters simulate screw tightening. This eliminates the need for reversing the power driver which is required for conventional driver adapters.

NOTE: The Series I Torque Tester is not CE certified



Dimensions Torque Calibration Tools Series I Torque Tester

Tension Ranges

Model Ranges Resolution      
i-8 0.35-7.0 lb-in
0.40-8.0 Kg-cm
4.00-80.0 N-cm
0.001 lb-in
0.001 kg-cm
0.01 N-cm
i-80 3.50-70 lb-in
4.0-80 Kg-cm
40.0-800 N-cm
0.01 lb-in
0.01 Kg-cm
0.1 N-cm
CD-150 6.5-130 lb-in
7.5-150 Kg-cm
75-1500 N-cm
0.1 lb-in
0.1 Kg-cm
1 N-m

Standard Adapters

Specifications – Standard Driver Adapters (2 included)
i-8 i-80 CD-130
Adapter Smart Adapters Spring Adapters
Model OW-025E OW-10E OW-20E OW-60E SJ-50 SJ-100
Range lb-in 2 9 18 53 8~50 50~130
Mechanical life 10,000 hrs. 8,000 hrs. 5,000 hrs. 5,000 hrs. 2500 times
Screw on top 6-32 6-32 8-32 1/4-20 5/16-18 3/8-16
Plug to socket 3/8" square x 5/32" (20 mm square x 4 mm)

Optional Metric Smart Driver Adapters
Model number OW-025 OW-10 OW-20 OW-60
Range 25 N-cm 100 N-cm 200 N-cm 600 N-cm
Screw on top M2P0.4 M3P0.5 M4P0.7 M6P1

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Complete Kit

The Series I is supplied as complete kit in a foam fitted aluminum carrying case, including 2 smart adapters, ac adapter, NIST Calibration certificate and instruction manual.