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Force Gauges / Force Meters

Force Measurement

A force meter enables the measurement of forces such as compressive, tensile, spring or even frictional forces. These force gauges are typically used to carry out push / pull tests in quality control. You will also find some devices for special applications such as for closing force measurements at gates, measurement of pull-out forces of cable connections or also for ergonomics measuring devices like those used by physiotherapists and doctors to determine loads at workplaces, for example.

Force measuring devices: analog or digital

In addition to the mechanical versions, we offer digital devices as well. The digital versions generally allow data storage, export (USB, RS232, Mitutoyo or analog output) and further processing on a computer. For all models we have leading test benches which guarantee the highest precision and repeatability in your test series. With sampling rates of up to 14,000 Hz, accuracies of ± 0.1% and a resolution of up to 0.0001 N, even the most delicate test setup can be realized.

Digital Force Gauges

Digital Force Gauges
  • Digital Force Testers
  • Digital push & pull force gauges for force and tensile tests

Mechanical Force Gauges

Mechanical Force Gauges
  • Analog Force Gauges
  • Mechanical force gauges with various capacities and accuracies

Force Sensors / Indicators

Force Sensors / Indicators
  • Force and Torque Testers
  • Mark-10 systems with interchangeable sensors

Wire Crimp Pull Testers / Wire Terminal Testers

Wire Crimp Pull Testers / Wire Terminal Testers
  • Connector Testers
  • Digital wire terminal tester for testing connector strenght

Ergonomics Force Gauges

Ergonomics Force Gauges
  • Physical Therapy Kits
  • Ergonomics testing equipment for job task analysis

Force Gauge Accessories

Force Gauge Accessories
  • Accessories
  • Various accessories for force gauges and test stands

Cic-Force Calibration Force Gauge

  • Calibration for your force gauge
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