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Tachometer Accessories

Tachometer Accessories - Cone Tip, Funnel Tip, Reflective tape

CDT-Wheel 0.1 m Circumference Wheel

  • 0.1 m Circumference Wheel
Price € 36,00
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DT6 Rubber Measuring Wheel for Tachometers

  • Rubber Measuring Wheel with a circumference of 6 inches / 15,24 cm
  • For most tachometer with a shaft diameter of 7 mm
Price € 30,00
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DTSX 3-inch Shaft Extension

  • 3 in Shaft Extension
Price € 15,00
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DT12 - 12 inch Circumference Wheel

  • 12 in Circumference Wheel
Price € 53,00
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DT-ADP-200L Contact Adapter

  • Replacement Contact Adapter for DT-205L, DT-207L, DT-209X
  • Replacement Contact Adapter for DT-205LR, DT-207LR
Price from € 74,00
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LMA-3 12 in Circumference Knurled Aluminum Measuring Wheel

  • 12 in Circumference Knurled Aluminum Measuring Wheel
Price € 158,00
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UGD-6 6 inch Circumference U-grooved Wheel

  • 6 in Circumference U-grooved Wheel
Price € 60,00
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FPM-12-CBL 12 inch Circumference Wheel

  • 12 in Circumference Wheel for Large Diameter Cables, Tapes & Bands
Price € 273,00
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10009S Reflective tape

  • Reflective Tape Sheets 4 sets of 35 pieces
Price € 15,00
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205T Reflective Tape (1 in x 7 in

  • Reflective Tape (1 in x 7 in)
Price € 6,00
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CDT-TAPE Reflective Tape

  • Reflective Tape 10 pcs.(strips 1,25 cm x 10 cm)
Price € 10,00
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65-29 Reflective Tape

  • Reflective Tape (1/2 in x 5')

CDT-ADAP Contact Adapter

  • Contact Apdapter for CDT-2000 and CDT-2000HD
Price € 70,00
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CDT-YSL-ADAP Contact Adapter

  • Contact Adapter for YSL-2000HD
Price € 306,00
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CDT-ADAP-TW Welding Wire Feed Speed Meter / Adapter

  • Welding Wire Feed Speed Meter / Adapter for CDT-2000HD
  • For use on Welding Wire Diameter Range of 0.8 to 3.0mm
Price € 735,00
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LSAB-2 Contact Adaptor LSAB-2 for CT-range Tachometers

  • Contact adaptor for CT6 models tachometer & CT7
  • Supplied with:
    RPM cone and metric surface speed disc
Price € 140,00
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Contact Adapters Advent contact adapter replacement parts

Contact Adapters
  • A2100/01 – Advent Contact Adaptor
  • Speed Range – Contact :   Maximum 50,000 rpm for 10 seconds (Or equivalent in rps)
Price € 126,00
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DT-TRI-HD Tripod for Tachometers and Stroboscopes

  • Tripod
  • Expands from 10 1/2" to 40"
Price € 39,00
More information

A2100/39 - Magnetic Stand

  • A2100/39 - Magnetic Stand
  • Suitable for: - A2103/LSR, A2108/LSR, A2108/LSR/232, A2109/LSR/002
  • With additional MVLS-BR1 or MVLS-BR2 Bracket suitable to mount the MiniVLS Speed Sensors
Price € 185,00
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