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Cap Torque Testers

Bottle Cap Torque Testers

A cap torque tester is used to determine the opening and closing torques of lids and screw caps. The torque meters are suitable for checking bottles, vials, containers, glasses, cans and much more. Thanks to modular structures, the cap torque testers can be set to almost any test object.

Easily readable digital displays, data storage and data outputs are already part of the basic equipment for some models. High sampling rates and simple usability complement the offer.

A cap torque test stand such as the CAP-TSTM-DC is suitable for even better repeatability and accuracy. This motorized torque test stand is specially configured to check the closures of bottles and other containers. A great advantage of this series is the modular structure, which means that many other torque tests can be carried out with the appropriate optional accessories.

CAP-TT05 Universal Torque Tester

  • Universal Torque Tester
  • Threaded holes are not drilled through the plate, for protection from debris and liquid
  • 4 Ranges up to 11.5 Nm
  • 1,000-point data memory and statistics
  • ±0.3% accuracy
Price € 1.379,00
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Series-TT01 Cap Torque Testers

  • Cap Torque Tester with (USB) Data Output
  • 4 Ranges up to 11.5 Nm (100 lbf-in)
  • High speed, 7000 Hz sampling rate
  • 5 units of measuring
Price € 1.558,00
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CAP-TNP Digital Cap Torque Tester

  • Cap Torque TesterMemory for 1000 values with USB output
  • 4 ranges up to 10 Nm
  • Selectable units of measure: lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-m and N-cm
  • Includes Hi/Go/Lo limits and LED indicators
Price € 1.339,00
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CAP-DTX Digital Cap Torque Tester

  • For checking the cap torque of bottles, glass, cans etc. in the food, pharmacautical and bevarage industry.
  • Accuracy:± 0,5% Full scale ± 1 digit
  • 3 ranges up to 10.0 Nm
  • Lightweight, sturdy cap grip features multiple threaded holes with four (4) screw-in posts
Price from € 1.721,00
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CAP-QC Small Cap & Vial Torque Tester

  • Small Cap / Vial Torque Tester
  • Capacity: 100 Oz-in / 6.25 in-lb / 70 N-cm
  • 3 modes of operation: Track, Peak and 1st Peak
  • Lightweight, sturdy cap grip features multiple threaded holes with four (4) screw-in posts
Price € 1.787,00
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CAP-TSTM Motorized Cap Torque Measurement System

  • Motorized Motorized Cap Torque Testing System
  • Vertical Model
  • 4 Ranges Available
    Standard max 11Nm Capacity
  • Motorized clockwise and counterclockwise rotation allows for highly precise and repeatable tests.
  • Optional Digital Angle Indicator
Price from € 11.004,00
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TT3C Hand-held Cap Torque Meter

  • Hand-Held Cap Torque Tester with Data Output
  • 3 Ranges up to 1150 Ncm
  • High-speed 2,000 Hz sampling rate
  • Made in the USA
Price € 1.635,00
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