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Motorized Force Test Stands

Motorized force test stands for numerous force measurements

A motorized force test stand is not only suitable in conjunction with a force gauge for force measurements, but also with force indicators with an external force sensor can be installed. The test stands are available in both vertical and horizontal versions and offer different measuring ranges. The test stands enable the testing of compressive and tensile forces with different materials. The speeds of the test stands can be set manually.

Please click on one of the images for more information on the respective force test stand.
We would be happy to help you buying the right motorized test stand.

F105 / F305 / F505 / F505H Force Test Stands

F105 / F305 / F505 / F505H
  • Series F Advanced Test Stands
  • Vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Load capacity up to 2,2 kN
  • Expansive array of grips and fixtures
  • Broad range force sensor capacities
  • IntelliMESUR┬« software

F755 / F1505 Force Test Stands

F755 / F1505
  • F Series Advanced Test Stands
  • Load capacity up to 6,7 kN
  • Expansive array of grips and fixtures
  • Broad range force sensor capacities
  • IntelliMESUR┬« software
Price € 12.161,00 - € 13.934,00
More information

ESM303 Motorized Teststand with PC Control

  • Programmable Test Stand For Force Measurement Up To 1.5 kN
  • PC control, stop / cycle at force, travel, or limit switch
  • 457 mm of travel
Price € 2.950,00
More information

ESM303H Configurable Horizontal Tension and Compression Test Bench

  • Programmable Horizontal Force Tester for tension and compression measurement up to 1.5 kN
  • Adjustable, removable control panel may be mounted to the left or right end of the frame
  • Maximum travel distance of 457 mm

ESM750S Single-Column Force Test Stand

  • Motorized teststand up to 3,4 kN
  • Maximum travel distance: 360 mm
  • For various tension and compression measurement applications
Price € 5.220,00
More information

ESM750 Tensile & compression test stand with large travel distance

  • Motorized force testing machine for up to 3.4 kN
  • Modular modular system for various pressure and tensile tests
  • Maximum stroke: 813mm
Price € 5.220,00 - € 5.712,00
More information

ESM1500S Motorized Force Test Stand for High Loads

  • Motorized test stand with 6.7kN capacity
  • 360 mm of maximum travel
  • Highly adaptable model that can be equipped with multiple additional modules
Price € 6.205,00
More information

ESM1500 Motorized Test Stand with high capacity

  • Motorized Test Stand with 6.7 kN capacity
  • Suitable for use with force gauges, load cells and indicators
  • Qualified for various test applications, like break testing, cycling, limit testing and many more
  • Maximum travel of 813 mm (32")
Price € 6.697,00
More information

FGS-100PVH Motorized Test Stand

  • Motorized Test Stand
  • 110lb capacity
Price € 3.635,00
More information

MX2 High Performance Motorized Test Stand

  • Programmable Test Stand For Force Measurement Up To 2.5 kN
  • Vertical Model
  • 230 or 290 mm of travel
Price € 3.599,00 - € 4.353,00
More information

ML-275 Motorized Horizontal Test Stand

  • Horizontal Motorized Test Stand
  • 275 lb Capacity
Price € 4.442,00 - € 5.308,00
More information

MV-110 Motorized Test Stand

  • Motorized Test Stand
  • 110lb Capacity

MV-275 Motorized Vertical Test Stand

  • Motorized Vertical Test Stand
  • 275 lb Capacity
Price € 3.395,00 - € 4.085,00
More information

MX-500 Motorized Vertical Test Stand

  • Motorized Test Stand with FORCE CONTROL
  • 500lb Capacity

ESM301 Programmable Test Stand with PC Control

  • Programmable Test Stand For Force Measurement Up To 1.5 kN
  • PC control, stop / cycle at force, travel, or limit switch
  • 292 mm of travel