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Tension Meters / Tension Gauges

Tension Measuring Devices

Tension meters are used in a wide variety of industries. The measured value, the tension is usually given in Newtons, but many devices can also output a value in grams and pounds if desired.

The tension measurement is necessary to obtain constant results and to prevent excessive material wear and production errors. A tension meter is used, for example, to check the tension of wire in a wire EDM machine or in the textile industry for yarn, threads, fabrics and web products. Due to a variety of roller widths and measuring heads, as well as different measuring ranges, there is a suitable measuring device for almost every purpose.

Stationary and handheld

The classic tension meters are available in analog or digital form, most of the devices are also available both as handheld devices and as stationary solutions. Electronic tension meters can often also be selected as a model with data storage, which makes it possible to analyze and process the measurement data on a computer.

With our on-line tension sensors, we can not only serve standard applications, but also customer-specific special applications. Together with a display and amplifier or a serial data output, we develop an individual concept for your application.

Belt Tension Gauges

In addition to the already mentioned methods for tension measurement, it is possible to measure the tension of belts made of rubber, leather, fabric and composite materials using a red-light pulse lamp, used by a belt tension gauge. This is made possible by the natural frequency of the belt, which is recorded by the device in the heart and output in Newtons.

Cable Tension Gauges

Tension measurement of ropes and cables with a diameter of up to 38mm and a tension of 300 kN can be done easily with a rope tension meter or cable tension meter. Some of the devices on offer can even be used in closed power systems due to a minimal cable deflection.

Cable Tension Meter / Wire Rope Tension Gauge

Cable Tension Meter / Wire Rope Tension Gauge
  • Cable Tension Meters
  • High capacity tension meters for testing cables

Analog Tension Meters

Analog Tension Meters
  • Hand-Held Models
  • Mechanical analog tension meters

Digital Tension Meters

Digital Tension Meters
  • Hand-Held Models
  • Digital tension meters

Belt Tension Gauge

Belt Tension Gauge
  • Non-Contact Models
  • Belt tension meters for all kinds of belts measure in Hz or Newton

Cic-Tension Tension meter Calibration

  • Calibration of your tension meter
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