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SW-1 Data Acquisition Software for Force Gauges & Torque Gauges

SW-1: one channel model - collects force or torque data
SW-2: two channel model - collects both force and displacement data (use with test stands equipped with digital distance meters)

SW-1 is a highly customized Excel spreadsheet specifically designed for capturing and analyzing real-time data from force gauges with a RS-232 port or USB port.

SW-1 allows real time data from instruments to be input directly into any Windows program – including Microsoft Excel. SW-1 inputs gauge readings in real time and provides a running log of all force measurements along with a chart of the data as well as statistical information including Min, Max, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Average Deviation and Variance.

Complete control of the gauge is provided through a set of “buttons” on the spreadsheet that enable easy editing of the sampling rate, force measurement units, peak/real time, tare and power off.

Other features include a memory download option for Z2, Z2-DPU and Z2H gauges only. If desired, the entire stack can be saved to disk, analyzed or cleared. Because all data is entered directly into a standard Excel spreadsheet, you are virtually unlimited in your ability to analyze your force gauge data using all of the powerful tools available in Excel.

Windows PC Software Requirements: Windows XP or later and Excel 2003 or later.


  • Full SPC and graphing capabilities
  • Automates your data collection
  • Provides a running log of all measurements along with a chart of the data as well as statistical information

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Product name
SW-1 - Software for DPS, DPSH
€ 235,00 
SW-1S - Software for series I, DI-1M, DI-3N, DI-4B, DI-5N, DSD, DSW
€ 240,00 
SW-1X - Software Z2, Z2H, Z2S, ZP, ZPH, ZPS, HTG2, DTX2
€ 240,00 
SW-2 - Software for DPS, DPSH w/distance meter
€ 240,00 
SW-2X - Software Z2, Z2H, Z2S, ZP, ZPH, ZPS w/dist meter
€ 240,00 
SW-1SV-USB - Data Acquisition Software for DID-4
€ 240,00 


Product name
CB-203 RS232 Serial Output Cable for Force Gauges (for DPS, DS2)
€ 82,00 
CB-204 RS232 Serial Output Cable with Sub D 9 plug (for Z2, Z2H, Z2S, ZP, ZPH, Z
€ 82,00 
CB-207 RS232 Cable (for series DI-1M, DI-3N, DI-4B)
€ 82,00 
CB-209 USB Data Output Cable (for DID, DIW)
€ 25,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
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