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PosiTest Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge

Made in the USA4 ranges:
PosiTest-G: 0-200 microns
PosiTest-F: 0-2000 microns
PosiTest-GM: 0-8 mils
PosiTest-FM: 0-80 mils

Quickly check coating thickness on magnetic substrates
The PosiTest gauge is the perfect tool for fast verfication of coating thickness on both small and large surfaces, without damaging the coating/paint.

The PosiTest magnetic coating thickness gauge was designed for the non-destructive measurement of nonmagnetic coatings such as paint, enamel, plastic, galvanizing, metalizing, plating, etc. on STEEL/IRON.

Easily measures small parts of almost any shape. Stable design with additional tail-end support. No annoying rocking during measurement.

How It Works

Quickly check if minimum coating thickness is complied with
The rotating analog display can be set to the minimum required coating thickness. When this mimimum value is set, the gauge is ready for quick minimum coating thickness verfication and the gauge can be placed on the material.

When the button on top of the gauge is pressed and the probe clicks and stays down, magnetically attached to the material, the thickness of the material is smaller than the required minimum thickness. If the probe does not stay clicked down on the material, the thickness is greater than the required minimum thickness. Using this measuring method the operator can quickly verify large surfaces.

Quickly check if maximum coating thickness is complied with
The required maximum coating thickness can be verfied just like the minimum required coating thickness gauge above. Set the rotating analog display to the maximum required coating thickness. Place the gauge on the material to be verified and press the button on top of the gauge. When probe clicks to the material and stays down or magnetically attached to the surface, the coating thickness is smaller than the set maximum value. When the probe does not magnetically attach and comes up again, the coating thickness is greater than the set maximum value.

Determine the actual coating thickness
When the operator would like to know the actualy coating thickness on the substrate this can be rotating the analog display to the maximum available coating thickness value. Place the gauge on the material and press the button on top of the gauge. The probe clicks and is magnetically attached to the material. Next, turn the analog display toward the minimum value until the probe detaches from the material and jumps upward again. The value displayed on the display is the actual coating thickness.



  • Permanently calibrated
  • “V” grooves in probe housing and Gage base allow correct positioning on cylindrical objects
  • Highly wear resistant Carbide Probe for longest life and continuous accuracy
  • Extra rugged housing, not affected by mechanical shock, water, acid or solvents
  • GO/NO-GO button can be pre-set for rapid measurement
  • Explosion Proof – Refinery safe
  • Supplied with NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

Complete Kit

The PosiTest magnetic coating thickness gauge is delivered as a complete kit including:

- PosiTest coating thickness gauge
- wrist strap
- neck / shoulder strap
- operating instructions
- high quality leather case with belt loops

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More details


GM: ±0.04 mils up to 0.8 mils
±5% of the reading over 0.8 mils

FM: ±0.2 mils up to 4 mils
±5% of the reading over 4 mils

G: ±1 microns up to 20 microns
±5% of the reading over 20 microns

F: ±5 microns up to 100 microns
±5% of the reading over 100 microns
PosiTest-F: ±5 microns up to 1000 microns
±5% of the reading over 100 microns
21,6 cm x 5,1 cm x 2,5 cm (L x H x W)
1 year
173 gram (6.1 oz)

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Product name
PT-G 0-200 micron scale
€ 301,00 
PT-F 0-2000 micron scale
€ 301,00 
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