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CAP-TSTM Motorized Cap Torque Measurement System

Made in the USAA modular Motorized Cap Torque Testing System with a wide measurement range

The CAP-TSTM-DC Motorized Cap Torque Measurement System is the perfect choice for performing open and closure torque measurements on caps, lids, valves etc.

Motorized clockwise and counterclockwise rotation ensure highly precise and repeatable tests, while a versatile modular design allows the stand to be configured with a variety of gripping fixtures. In addition, a lever-operated slider with travel stops makes engaging and disengaging samples quick and efficient. The standard system has a capacity of 11,5 Nm which can be upgraded to 22 Nm (requires a torque sensor with a higher capacity). It connects to the i5 Indicator by AC1108 multi-function cable and to a PC by AC1104 cable which are included in this test setup.

Features of the CAP-TSTM-DC include:

  • Full PC control
  • Programmable angle limits and cycling
  • Auto return
  • Password protection
  • A torque loading plate with tapped holes for grip and custom fixture mounting and a resettable angle indicator.

The Model-5I Advanced Digital Force/Torque Indicator is designed to work with a variation of Plug & Test® Force and Torque sensors. In this test setup it is connected to the R50 torque sensor. With its sampling rate of 7000Hz, an accuracy of ±0,1% of full scale, a memory up to 1000 measurements with statistical calculations, average force over time, external trigger modes and data output the M5I Indicator is well equipped to perform virtually any task that is possible with this test setup.

The R50 Series Universal Torque Sensors used for this setup measure in both directions with a capacity range from 7 to 1150 Ncm. It has a chuck size range of 1,6 to 12,7 mm (depending on the capacity) and connects to the I5 Indicator using the Plug & Test® connector.

This test setup comes with MESUR® Lite data acquisition software. MESUR® Lite tabulates continuous or single point data. One-click export to Excel allows for further data manipulation. An extended version of this program, MESUR®gauge or MESUR®gauge+ are available as an option.

This torque test setup can be completed by adding grips and fixtures from the grips and fixture explanation below.

If you are not able to select the right configuration for your needs or require more information we are happy to assist you. Just contact us and we will assist you in finding the best suitable setup.

Grips and fixtures to complete the setup

To complete this test setup a combination of fixtures and/or grips are required.

The lower attachment is mounted to the tapped holes in the torque loading plate of the TSTM-DC.
This can be the G1058 Universal Cap Grip, this grip can be mounted to the torque loading plate by using the G1055 adapter or a G1022-1/2/3 jacobs chuck.

The other lower grip is the G1023 Bottle Grip, this grip bolts directly to the torque loading plate of the TSTM-DC.

The top attachment connects to the Jacobs chuck of the R50 torque sensor.
For example the G1058 Bottle Grip that mounts directly to the R50 or, when a change in height occurs during the test, by adding the AC1029 Axial Compensator.

Another option is the G1053 Universal V-Jaw Grip that mounts in the same way as the G1023 with or without AC1029.

G1058 Universal Cap Grip,
A universal Cap and bottle grip with a capacity of 5,1 to 89 mm.   
It can be used for securing caps, lids, and other similar items for torque and pull testing. With 4 serrated steel posts that thread in a matrix the G1058 Accommodates a wide range of sample sizes, and can be used manually with a torque gauge or mounted to a test stand.
As an option 3 sets of different size rubber edged posts, CT004/5/6, are available.
Other options are the G1055 adapter, the AC1029 Axial Compensator and the G1018-1 swivel adapter for the slightly out of line test pieces.

G1023 Bottle Grip,
Used for gripping bottles and containers in closure torque testing applications. Eight rubber edged gripping arms secure a wide range of sample shapes and sizes and may be individually positioned at angles up to 180°.
Mounts directly to Series TST torque test stands and it has a maximum radius opening of 122 mm.

G1053 Universal V-Jaw Grip,
For gripping round objects. Serrated, reversible aluminum jaws effectively grip a wide range of sample shapes and sizes. Mounts directly to Jacobs chucks, force gauges, and test stands (with G1055).
The small ID has a range of 27,9 – 39,4 mm, with the jaws reversed the range is 16,5 – 27,9 mm.
Axial movement during testing is provided the AC1029 Axial Compensator, the G1018-1 swivel adapter can be used for slightly out of line test pieces.

To accommodate larger containers, optional Fixtures and Column Extension are available upon request. Please contact us.

  • Motorized clockwise and counterclockwise rotation allows for highly precise and repeatable tests
  • Torque plate with tapped holes for grip and fixture mounting
  • No speed variation with load
  • Optional Digital Angle Indicator Displays cw or ccw angle in 0.1° resolution for approximately 278 rotations, resettable with "zero" button
  • 11,5 Nm Capacity
  • Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate


Plug & Test® Smart Force & Torque Sensors

General information

Mark-10 M7I, M5I, and M3I indicators are used in combination with Plug & Test® sensors and can therefore accommodate numerous force and torque measurement requirements, from 1 N to 50 kN (0.25 to 10,000 lbF) of force, and from 7 Ncm to 550 Nm (10 ozFin to 5,000 lbFin) of torque.

Plug & Test® sensors can be used handheld or mounted to a fixture or test stand for more accurate and repeatable testing results.
The sensors are separately calibrated therefore they can be disconnected from one indicator and connected to another without the need for re-calibration or re-configuration as this is stored in the PCB located inside the smart connector.


System accuracy is determined by the combination of Indicator and sensor combined. To determine the total system accuracy the accuracy value of the sensor is added to the value of the indicator.
As the Indicators have different accuracy values the total system accuracy may vary between the different indicator/sensor combinations. Indicator Model Accuracy M7I / M5I ±0,1% of full scale M3I ±0,2% of full scale.

Example 1 Model MR01-100 sensor with Model M5I Indicator MR01-100 ±0,15% of full scale + M5I ±0,1% of full scale = Total ±0,25% of full scale This translates into a fixed error of up to: 0,25% x 500 N = 1,25 N

Example 2 Model MR50-50Z sensor with Model M3I Indicator MR50-50Z ±0,35% of full scale + M3I ±0,2% of full scale = Total ±0,55% of full scale This translates into a fixed error of up to: 0,55% x 50 Ncm = 0,275 Ncm

Because accuracy is defined as a percentage of full scale, the fixed error is possible anywhere on the scale from 0 to the capacity. As such, this value represents an increasingly large error as percentage of reading towards the low end of the scale. It is, therefore, recommended that a sensor is selected with capacity as close as possible to the expected load. The resolution may be different for some sensors depending on whether a M7I, M5I, or M3I indicator is being used. For example, a Series R01 force sensor will display finer resolution when connected to a M5I indicator than when connected to a M3I indicator.

I5 Display


Capaciteit x Resolutie van Model 5i en 7i Indicators
MR50-10Z-7 x 0,00570 x 0,057 x 0,005700 x 0,5-10 x 0,005-
MR50-20Z-14 x 0,01140 x 0,114 x 0,011400 x 1-20 x 0,01-
MR50-50Z-35 x 0,02350 x 0,236 x 0,023600 x 2-50 x 0,02-
MR50-121,35 x 0,001135 x 0,1---1 x 0,0005192 x 0,112 x 0.005
MR50-505,7 x 0,005570 x 0,5---4 x 0,002800 x 0,550 x 0.02
MR50-10011,5 x 0,011150 x 1---8 x 0,0051600 x 1100 x 0.05


Dimensions of the TSTM-DC advanced vertical torque test stand,

all dimensions are in inch with [mm] behind.

G1023 Bottle Grip
Dimensions-G1023 Bottle Grip

G1023 Bottle Grip dimensions in mm

G1058 Universal Cap Grip
Dimensions-G1058 Universal Cap Grip

G1058 Universal Cap Grip dimensions in mm

G1053 Universal V-Jaw Grip
Dimensions-G1053 Universal V-Jaw Grip

G1053 Universal V-Jaw Grip dimensions in mm


G1023 Universal Bottle Grip For TST

  • Individually adjustable rubber-edged gripping arms
  • May be used in torque and force measurement applications
  • Adapts to a variety of shapes

More details

G1023 Universal Bottle Grip For TST 126096

G1058 Universal Cap Grip

  • Adjustable posts and vise-action mechanism accommodate a wide range of sample shapes and sizes
  • May be used in torque and force measurement applications
  • Works manualy and in combination with torque and force test stands

More details

G1058 Universal Cap Grip 126624

G1053 Universal V-Jaw Grip

  • Reversible serrated jaws secure bottle caps and other round objects
  • Precision Acme screws provides durability and longevity
  • May be used for force and torque measurements

More details

G1053 Universal V-Jaw Grip 126622

AC1029 Axial displacement compensator

    More details

    AC1029 Axial displacement compensator 126900

    G1018 Swivel Adapters

    • Swiveling adapter, for use between certain grips and force gauges.
    • Capacity G1018-1: 1000 N
      Capacity G1018-2: 2500 N
    • Designed for tensile (pull) testing applications only.

    More details

    G1018 Swivel Adapters 126100

    G1022 Jacobs Chuck Grips For TSTM

    • Select from three chuck sizes
    • Capacity 11,3 Nm
    • Mounts directly to series TST torque test stands

    More details

    G1022 Jacobs Chuck Grips For TSTM 126892

    G Series Thread Adapters & Couplings

      More details

      G Series Thread Adapters & Couplings 126105

      Mesurgauge / Mesurgauge plus Load & Travel Analysis Software

      • Sends data from a force or torque gauge and travel display to a PC for further analysis

      More details

      Mesurgauge / Mesurgauge plus Load & Travel Analysis Software 126514

      Speed Range0.3-8.6 RPM (4-52°/s)
      Speed Accuracy±5% (Optional Digital Speed Control for higher accuracy)
      Throat4.10" (104 mm)
      Maximum Cap Diameter3.5" / 89mm
      Manual Adjustment12º/knob rev
      Maximum Silder Travel15.5" (394 mm)
      Slider Travel Rate1.047" (26.6 mm) / level rev

      Related Products

      Series-3I Force/Torque Indicator

      • Interchangeable force and torque sensors through Plug & Test® technology (sensors are sold separately)
      • High-speed 2.000 Hz sampling rate
      • Ultra-compact size

      More details

      Series-3I Force/Torque Indicator

      Series-7I Advanced Force/Torque Indicator

      • Interchangeable force and torque sensors through Plug & Test® technology (sensors are sold separately)
      • High-speed 14.000 Hz sampling rate
      • Continous data capture of up to 5.000 data points, at up to 14.000 Hz, downloadable to a PC
      • 5 units of measurement, plus Coefficient of Friction and user-defined unit with configurable name

      More details

      Series-7I Advanced Force/Torque Indicator

      R51 Series Universal Torque Sensors

      • Compatible with the Series 7i, 5i and 3i digital indicators
      • Unique Plug & TestTM connector holds all calibration and configuration data
      • Outstanding overload protection

      More details

      R51 Series Universal Torque Sensors

      CAP-TT01 Cap Torque Tester

      • Moveable posts and optional jaws accommodate a wide range of sample shapes and sizes
      • Automatic output, data storage, and zeroing upon bottle cap removal helps automate testing processes
      • Password protection prevents unauthorized changes

      More details

      CAP-TT01 Cap Torque Tester

      CAP-TT03 Hand-held Cap Torque Meter

      • For cap diameters of 16,5 - 39,0 mm
      • High-speed 2000 Hz sampling rate
      • Single Reading USB data output

      More details

      CAP-TT03 Hand-held Cap Torque Meter

      CAP-TT05 Universal Torque Tester

      • Threaded holes are not drilled through the plate, for protection from debris and liquid
      • RS-232, USB, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
      • First / second peak detection for torque tool testing, bottle cap testing, and other applications

      More details

      CAP-TT05 Universal Torque Tester

      Complete System setup with optional grips and attachments

      The CAP-TSTM-DC is sold as a complete test system that includes the following items;

      TSTM-DC - Motorized Torque Test Stand with Digital Controller
      Series-5i - Torque Display
      R50 - Torque Sensor
      09-1162 - Torque Display to Test Stand Communication Cable
      09-1163 - RS232 Serial Output Cable

      Options to complete the test setup:

      G1058 - Cap Grip
      G1023 - Base Grip
      G1053 - V-Jaw Grip
      AC1029 - Axial Compensator
      G1022 - Jacobs Chuck Grip

      G1018 - Jacobs Chuck Grip


      Grips and Attachments are not included in the standard set price and must be added separately.


      Buy Now

      CAP-TSTM-50z Motorized Cap Torque Testing System
      CAP-TSTM-12i Motorized Cap Torque Testing System
      CAP-TSTM-50i Motorized Cap Torque Testing System
      CAP-TSTM-100i Motorized Cap Torque Testing System

      G1058 Cap grip, hex / #10-32F
      € 466,00 
      G1023 Bottle grip for TST-Series stands, 0.050”-6.000” dia.
      € 584,00 
      G1053 Universal V-jaw grip, hex / #10-32F
      € 378,00 
      G1022-1 Jacobs chuck grip for TST-Series, 0.028"-0.25"dia
      € 211,00 
      G1022-2 Jacobs chuck grip for TST-Series, 0.062"-0.375"dia
      € 235,00 
      G1022-3 Jacobs chuck grip for TST-Series, 0.078"-0.5"dia
      € 260,00 
      AC1029 Axial Compensator
      € 226,00 
      G1018-1 Swivel adapter, #10-32M to #10-32F
      € 69,00 
      G1055 Adapter, G1053 to force test stand
      € 54,00 
      15-1004 MESUR gauge, single license
      15-1005 MESURgauge PLUS Load & Travel Analysis Software, 1 license
      € 696,00 
      All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
      Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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