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HV-110 Manual Test Stand

HV-110 - Standard Model
HV-110S - with Distance Meter
HV-110L - Long Stroke, 16.8" Clearance

Model HV-110 is a compact test stand with a maximum capacity of 110 lbs. The handwheel offers precise movement that is ideal for applications requiring relatively consistent speed and maximum gauge control. The gauge remains in position when the wheel is released which allows the user to easily change samples between tests. Hand wheel operation provides repeatable test results from sample to sample.

*Force Gauge Not Included
Shown with Z2 Series Force Gauge


  • Hand wheel design provides a high degree of precise control
  • Gauge remains in place when hand wheel is released
  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • Optional digital distance meter
  • 228mm (9") Maximum Travel
  • 5" extension plate, optional

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DS2 Digital Force Gauge

  • Real time and peak mode (selectable)
  • Overload capacity 200% F.S.
  • RS-232C, Digimatic and analog outputs
  • Supplied with NIST Calibration certificate
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Display can be reversed for inverted use: e.g. on teststands
  • Programmable High/Low setpoints with LCD indicators
  • lb, kg, and Newton units are push-button selectable
  • User selectable sampling rate, 30 or 1000 per/second (Hertz)
  • Ergonomic, heavy-duty metal construction
  • Reversible Display
  • Overload alarm, low battery display indicator
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Long-form Certificate & Test Data is optionally available
  • Runs on internal NI-MH batteries or AC adapter

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MX-110 Motorized Vertical Test Stand

  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • Force Controlled operation with Z2 and ZP force gauges
  • 3 speed ranges:
    0.4 – 11.5 in/min
    0.7 - 23.0 in/min (MS)
    1.5 - 47.0 in/min (HS)
  • Jog, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle, Force Control
  • Maximum clearance 9" (with extender 14")

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Dimensions Mechanical Force Test Stands HV-110


50kg / 500N / 110lb
228mm (9")
Travel Rate:
2 mm (0.8") per revolution of hand wheel
Refer to dimensions above
Approx 10 Kg (25 lbs)
Compatible Force Gauges:
Z2, DPS, PS and FB series
2 years
Optional Distance Meter Max Sampling Rate Output - 2 Samples Per Second

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HV-110 - Manual Test Stand
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HV-110S Manual Test Stand with Distance Meter
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HV-110L Manual Test Stand
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