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TT-QC Torque Tool Tester for quick tool inspection

Made in the USAThe TT-QC torque tool tester is easy to install and perfectly suitable for quick tool inspection.

Small and light to be used everywhere, this device can also be deployed alongside any other measuring device.It represents our currently smallest and chepaest torque calibrator and is designed for fast equipment testing at the workplace.

It measures clock, dial and digital keys, screwdrivers and many other similar electronical tools, including impulse and DC electronics.

The unique rotating display (optional) and dual bolt pattern allow for applications in both horizontal and vertical configurations, enabling an almost effortless switching between the two modes and between the "pistol grip" and "inline tool control".

The TT-QC torque meter test parameters only takes seconds to change and the change works in two ways, either with the control knob or in automatic mode. Reliability and user-friendliness are enhanced by features such as: Sign Lock, Peak Blanking, Auto Clear.

Please note that a screw simulator is required for the use of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic tools: run-down-fixture

This torque tester is not suitable for testing impact wrenches, nor for use with force multipliers.


  • Bidirectional accuracy of ±1% of indicated reading
  • 3 modes of operation: Track, Peak and 1st Peak
  • Eight (8) selectable engineering units:,, Lb.ft., Nm, cNm, KgfCm, gfCm, Kgfm
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 8-10 hours continuous use
  • CE Certified and NIST Calibration Certificate

Torque ranges

Oz-in Lb-in Lb-ft N-m N-cm Kgf-m Kgf-cm Gf-cm

Model Range Drive Run-down fixture
TT-QC-100z-1/4 7 - 70 N-cm 1/4" Included
TT-QC-10i-1/4 11 - 112 N-cm 1/4" Included
TT-QC-200z-1/4 14 - 140 N-cm 1/4" Included
TT-QC-25i-1/4 28 - 280 N-cm 1/4" Included
TT-QC-50i-1/4 56 - 560 N-cm 1/4" Included
TT-QC-100i-1/4 112 - 1129 N-cm 1/4" Included
TT-QC-150i-1/4 169 - 1694 N-cm 1/4" Included
TT-QC-250i-3/8 282 - 2824 N-cm 3/8" Included
TT-QC-500i-3/8 564 - 5648 N-cm 3/8" Included
TT-QC-750i-3/8 847 - 8472 N-cm 3/8" Included
TT-QC-1000i-3/8 1129- 11298 N-cm 3/8" Included
TT-QC-100f-1/2 1355 - 13558 N-cm 1/2" Optional
TT-QC-150f-1/2 2033 - 20337 N-cm 1/2" Optional
TT-QC-250f-1/2 3389 - 33895 N-cm 1/2" Optional
TT-QC-500f-3/4 6779 - 67 790 N-cm 3/4" Optional
TT-QC-600f-3/4 8134 - 81340 N-cm 3/4" Optional
TT-QC-750f-3/4 10168-101686 N-cm 3/4" Optional

Don't see the range you need? Custom ranges are available, please call us to discuss your application.

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Dimensions Torque Calibration Tools TT-QC



Calibrated Range
10-100% Full Scale, bi-directional
±1% of indicated reading (Bidirectional)
4 Active Digits
Overload Protection
200% Full Scale bi-directional
Selectable - 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz and 2000Hz
Data Output
Alarm Limits
Panel Mounted LED for Visual Alarm Limits
Internal NiMH battery, 9V Charger (included)
2.5 lbs
Operating Temperature
32 - 122 °F / 0-50 °C
1 Year
Calibration Certificate
Includes NIST Traceable calibration certificate with data
Standard Accesories
Joint Simulator for 1/4" & 3/8" drives, AC adapter/Charger
Optional Accessories
Joint Simulators for 1/2", 3/4" & 1" Transducers

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Product name
TT-QC-100z-1/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.089,00 
TT-QC-10i-1/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-200z-1/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-25i-1/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-50i-1/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-100i-1/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-150i-1/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-250i-3/8 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-500i-3/8 Torque Tester
€ 1.011,00 
TT-QC-750i-3/8 Torque Tester
€ 1.089,00 
TT-QC-1000i-3/8 Torque Tester
€ 1.089,00 
TT-QC-100f-1/2 Torque Tester
€ 1.187,00 
TT-QC-150f-1/2 Torque Tester
€ 1.187,00 
TT-QC-250f-1/2 Torque Tester
€ 1.187,00 
TT-QC-500f-3/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.187,00 
TT-QC-600f-3/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.312,00 
TT-QC-750f-3/4 Torque Tester
€ 1.479,00 


Product name
RDFA-100 - 100 Lb-ft Rundown Fixture 1/2" Drive
€ 282,00 
RDFA-150 - 150 Lb-ft Rundown Fixture 1/2" Drive
€ 282,00 
RDFA-250 - 250 Lb-ft Rundown Fixture 1/2" Drive
€ 282,00 
RS232-USB - USB to Serial Adapter
€ 29,50 
TT-Soft - Data Transfer Software for TT Series, Includes USB Output Cable
€ 119,00 
TT-QC-CC, Waterproof Carrying Case
€ 129,00 
TT-QC-world - TT-QC-World, Universal Adapter for TT-QC
€ 42,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request
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