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TC-DT Torque tool tester with interchangeable loadcells

Calibration and Inspection of Torque Measuring Instruments

The TC-DT Torque Tester has an external display unit and allows for quick and accurate inspection and calibration of manual torque measuring instruments such as torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, shear wrenches and more. Adding an optional trailing attachment also allows torque testing of pneumatic and power tools.

The TC-DT-D display unit connects directly to the TC-DT sensors via a cable.
The range of TC-DT torque sensors can cover a measuring range from 5 Ncm to 2000 Nm. By combining different torque sensors it is possible to achieve very large measuring ranges.

The readings are easy to read from the OLED display and can be exported via USB to the included Windows software

Data transfer via Bluetooth is available at an additional cost. The integrated data storage makes it possible to store more than 2000 measurements for later recall or export to a computer.

Furthermore, you can save 99 presets for testing your torque wrenches from your torque wrenches in the TC-DT-D display unit.

The TC-DT torque tool tester has an accuracy of ± 0.5% of the indicated value over the full calibrated measuring range.

Test parameters can be set via the display unit TC-DT-D. You can choose from different operating modes: Track, Peak, Preset and Click-Torque.

Please note that using electric, hydraulic and pneumatic tools requires a screw simulator. The max speed of rotation is 1200 RPM.

This torque tester is not suitable for testing impact wrenches, nor for use with force multipliers.

  • Large OLED display with high visibility and warning signals
  • Interchangeable load cells with external display unit
  • Measuring range 5 Ncm up to 2000 Nm
  • Selectable measuring units: Ncm, Nm, Oz.in, Lb.in, Lb.ft, Kgf.cm, Kgf.m
  • Accuracy  ± 0,5% of the indicated value
  • More than 180 hours of battery life
  • Traceable calibration certificate & software included

Operating Modes
TrackIn Track mode the data can viewed on the display in real-time. 
PeakIn Peak mode the highest measured value remains in the display. 
PresetIn Preset mode up to 99 presets for pass/fail testing can be stored and recalled. The gauge provides visual and acustic warnings when deviating from the preset. 
Click-TorqueIn Click-Torque mode the 1st Peak is kept in the display, as long as it is higher than 10% of the sensor's capacity. This mode is especially useful for manual click-torque wrenches. 

Torque Ranges
ModelCapacitiy Drive   
TC-DT-50C 5 - 50 Ncm 1/4"   
TC-DT-150C 15 - 150 Ncm 1/4"   
TC-DT-200C 20 - 200 Ncm 1/4"   
TC-DT-350C 35 - 350 Ncm 1/4"   
TC-DT-500C 50 - 500 Ncm 1/4"   
TC-DT-10N 1 - 10 Nm 1/4"   
TC-DT-20N 2 - 20 Nm 1/4"   
TC-DT-50N 5 - 50 Nm 3/8"   
TC-DT-100N 10 - 100 Nm 3/8"   
TC-DT-200N 20 - 200 Nm 1/2"   
TC-DT-340N 34 - 340 Nm 1/2"   
TC-DT-600N 60 - 600 Nm 3/4"   
TC-DT-800N 80 - 800 Nm 3/4"   
TC-DT-1000N 100 - 1000 Nm 3/4"   
TC-DT-1500N 150 - 1500 Nm 1"   
TC-DT-2000N 200 - 2000 Nm 1"   

Complete Kit

For a complete measuring system you need the TC-DT-D display unit and at least one TC-DT torque sensor.

A complete system includes:

  • Data transfer software
  • Users manual
  • Traceable calibration certificate


RDF Joint Simulators / Run Down Fixtures

  • Required for accurate torque measurement for power-driven torque controlled tools (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic)
  • The RDF series is a one piece rundown for use where both a combination of hand and power tools are used.

More details

RDF Joint Simulators / Run Down Fixtures 126287

TWT-2000-MTM4 Torque Wrench Loader

  • Tool for torque wrench calibration/verification
  • Compatible with many torque tool testers and wrenches
  • Manually operated by hand wheel

More details

TWT-2000-MTM4 Torque Wrench Loader 127406

Calibrated Measuring Range10-100% of capacity
Accuracy ± 0,5% of indicated value
Max RPM1200 RPM for power to tools using an optional rundown fixture
Display4 digits OLED
OperationCW & CCW
Battery Lifetime180 hours
Power Supply4xAA Standard batteries or rechargeable
Auto Power SaveAutomatic power of
Data OutputUSB
Bluetooth optional
Data Storage2094 values
Presets with Alarm99 PresetsVisual and acoustic alarms
WeightDisplay unit: 0,75 kg

50 Ncm - 20 Nm: 0,72 kg
50 Nm - 340 Nm: 1,2 kg
600 Nm: 1,6 kg
800 Nm - 1000 Nm: 2,8 kg
1500 Nm - 2000 Nm: 3,8 kg
Calibration CertificateTraceable calibration certificate included
Warranty1 year

Buy Now

TC-DT-D - Digital Torque Controller for TC-DT Transducers
€ 470,00 
TC-DT-50C - Torque Transducer 5-50 Ncm
€ 810,00 
TC-DT-150C - Torque Transducer 15-150 Ncm
€ 810,00 
TC-DT-200C - Torque Transducer 20-200 Ncm 1/4"
€ 810,00 
TC-DT-350C - Torque Transducer 35-350 Ncm 1/4"
€ 810,00 
TC-DT-500C - Torque Transducer 50-500 Ncm 1/4"
€ 810,00 
TC-DT-10N - Torque Transducer 1-10 Nm 1/4"
€ 810,00 
TC-DT-20N - Torque Transducer 2-20 Nm 1/4\"
€ 810,00 
TC-DT-50N - Torque Transducer 5-50 Nm 3/8"
€ 835,00 
TC-DT-100N - Torque Transducer 10-100 Nm 3/8"
€ 835,00 
TC-DT-200N - Torque Transducer 20-200 Nm 1/2"
€ 835,00 
TC-DT-340N - Torque Transducer 34-340 Nm 1/2"
€ 835,00 
TC-DT-600N - Torque Transducer 60-600 Nm 3/4"
€ 890,00 
TC-DT-800N - Torque Transducer 80-800 Nm 3/4"
€ 1.030,00 
TC-DT-1000N - Torque Transducer 100-1000 Nm 3/4"
€ 1.030,00 
TC-DT-1500N - Torque Transducer 150-1500 Nm 1"
€ 1.230,00 
TC-DT-2000N - Torque Transducer 200-2000 Nm 1"
€ 1.355,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1-3 days , Delivery time: 1-3 weeks , special order, request