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QB-LED Portable Battery powered LED Stroboscope

Made in GermanyThe hand-held, battery-powered Check-Line QB-LED is a stroboscope featuring 40 extremely luminous LEDs for the highest light output in its class.

It has been designed specifically for machinery observation, visual inspection and motion analysis and its robust design is suitable for use in the toughest industrial environments.

The QB-LED features a sturdy aluminium housing fitted with forty long-life, high performance LEDs providing a peak brightness of 5000 Lux and a user-friendly adjustment of the flash duration, to select the optimal balance of brightness and image sharpness.
The built-in Lithium Ion battery provides up to seven hours of continuous use on a single charge.

It is easy-to-use, as functions such as flash rate and brightness adjustments are separated from the special functions that are found in a separate menu. The special functions include phase shift, internal/external trigger selection, flash delay, divider and "Slow Motion" mode. "Slow Motion" mode allows the user to offset the flash rate to put the "frozen" image into virtual "slow-motion".

The QB-LED uses the "strobe effect" whereby when the flash rate is equal to the rotational speed, the target will appear "frozen".

Typical applications include: motion and vibration analysis, balancing of rotating shafts, fans, cams, high speed motion analysis of speakers or ink-jet printing and more. Ideal for use in the textile, paper making, sheet metal production, automotive and printing industries.


  • 40 High Power LEDs produce 5000 Lux Peak Brightness
  • Selectable units of "FPM, "Hz" or "1/MIN"
  • "Slow Motion" mode allows user to offset the flash rate to put the "frozen" image into "slow-motion" (External Trigger Mode only)
  • Additional features include "Phase Shift" and Internal/External Trigger
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum housing with an ergonomic handle, convenient operator controls and backlit LCD display
  • Supplied with universal AC battery charger. Can also be used to continuously power the QB-LED for fixed-mounted use
  • Built-In Litium-Ion battery provides up to seven hours of continuous operation on a single charge. Battery status is shown on LCD display
  • Flash range of 30 - 300,000 fpm (0.5-5000 Hz) with user-selected units of Hz or FPM (Flashes Per Minute)
  • "PRO Mode" provides additonal functions including Multiplier, Delay and Memory (5 User-set Values)
  • Adjustable flash duration allows for optimal tuning of brightness and image sharpness for every application
  • CE Certified with 1-Year Warranty
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate included

Complete Kit

The QB-LED is supplied as a complete kit including:

  • QB-LED stroboscope,
  • Removable handle,
  • Universal AC adapter with USA, EURO and UK plugs,
  • DIN connector (for use when externally triggering from sensor),
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instruction manual with Quick-Start Guide

All supplied in a foam-fitted plastic carrying case.

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Light Output (LUX) vs Distance

Light Output (LUX) vs Distance
  At 20 cm Distance, 6000 flashes/min (FPM)

Number of LEDs 40 High Power LEDs
Flash Rate 30 - 300,000 FPM (0.5 - 5000Hz)
Flash Duration Adjustable (1 usec up to 2000 usec)
Accuracy ± 0.02% (± 1-digit/±0.025usec)
Resolution ± 0.1 FPM (30 - 999) ± 1 FPM (1000 - 9999) ± 10 FPM (10,000-300,000)
Brightness 5000 Lux @ 6000 FPM / 30cm (12 inch) - and 3° Sharpness
Display LCD, multiple lines
Certification CE (as per EU norms)
Flash Color Approx. 5,000 - 8000 K
Power Built-In Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, 3100 mAh
Housing Material Aluminium
Dimensions 150 x 130 x 112 mm / 6 x 5.1 x 4.4 inch
Weight 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs)
Temperature Range 0° - 40° C / 32° - 104° F
Battery Life Approx 7 hours at (@875 Lux) approx 4 hours at 2000 Lux
Recharging Time 5,6 hours
Housing Protection IP30
Mounting Holes 1x 1/4"-20UNC (in center) 2x M5 Threaded Holes (60 mm c:c)
Trigger Input Signal 3...30 V / max. 5 mA (Isolated optocoupler) DIN 41524 5-pin standard plug Uout = 24V DC, 60 mA switchable trigger input
Trigger Output Not available
Warranty 1 year
Default Settings FREQUENCY=1000 FPM, BRIGHT=1°/166usec, PHASE=0, TRIGGER=INT, Display Units=FPM, Miltiplier=x1, Bright Units=deg, Delay=0msec, Divider=1, Slow=0, Trigger=0(rising)


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QB-LED - Portable Battery powered LED Stroboscope with 40 High-Powered LEDs
€ 1.162,00 

LS-EP - Rubber Edge Protectors for LS-3-LED, QB-LED & QBS-LED
€ 91,00 
QB-BAT - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for QB-LED & QBS-LED
€ 116,00 
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