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IRHD Micro IRHD Hardness tester

Made in GermanyThe Micro IRHD hardness tester is the ultimate state of the art hardness tester for very thin pieces of elastomers with a thickness from 1 to 5 mm. This high accuracy system complies to international norms and standards, including DIN ISO 48, ISO 48 and ASTM D 1415.

The hardness tests are conducted with the use of the indentor, which has a maximum indentation depth of 0.3 mm. The whole Micro IRHD hardness system is controlled by software (MS-windows) that prevents operator errors. During the measurement process, 2 weights are automatically lowered and raised. As soon as the specimens are placed on the support table, the support table drives to the measuring head automatically. Then the minor load is lowered to the indenter, followed by the major load. After 30 seconds the Micro IRHD software measures the applied penetration of the indenter and converts it into Mirco IRHD units.

Further features of the Micro IRHD software include the measurement and output of the hardness value, graph, hysteresis, statistics, test reports and many more features. An ASCII-output file is provided. The data are transmitted to the IRHD controller, that is connected to the RS232 interface of the computer.

For specific measurements of O-rings and seals, the optional automatic O-ring center device is a helpful and accurate tool.


  • Developed for hardness measurements on very thin materials from 1 to 5 mm
  • Delivery includes a dust cover and calibration certificate of the supplier
  • Different accessories for extended and accurate hardness measurements
  • Measures the hardness of small, thin materials and O-rings

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IRHD O-Ring center device for Micro IRHD hardness systems | O-ring center device

  • Exact measurements of O-rings at the measuring axis
  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Suitable for O-ring cord with a diameter from 0.8 mm to 8 mm; adjustable steps of 0.01 mm

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IRHD center device with sample holder

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  • Custom designed sample holders available
  • Fully automatic measuring cycle

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IRHD X-Table Center Device with digital gauge

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IRHD X-Y center device for Micro IRHD hardness tester

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  • Full automatic measuring cycle
  • Suitable for O-rings and flat materials

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IRHD Prism center device for use with Micro IRHD systems

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  • For samples with 4 - 50 mm exterior diameter

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IRHD RTB Rubber test blocks

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IRHD platform for Micro IRHD hardness system

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  • Attachment without any tools

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IRHD unit: Ø 200 mm x 470 mm
Controller: 290 mm x 260 mm x 75 mm
Weight (net):
17,5 kg
Max. sample thickness:
90 mm (without center device)
0.1 IRHD
DIN ISO 48, ISO 48, ASTM D 1415, BS 903: Part A26
Power Supply:
100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

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Product name
IRHD-MICRO-KIT - Micro IRHD Test Sytem with Software
€ 11.440,00 


Product name
IRHD-O-RING - O-Ring Center Device
€ 2.160,00 
IRHD-O-RING-XL - O-Ring Center Device XL
€ 2.296,00 
IRHD-X-TABLE - X-Table Center Device
€ 2.176,00 
IRHD-PRISM Prism Center Device
€ 595,00 
€ 195,00 
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Availability: Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request
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