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Single Element Delay Line Pencil Transducers

Made in the USADakota's pencil transducers can be used in conjunction with the TI-PVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and can be applied for the testing of aluminum, titanium, steels and thin plastics. 

Pencil probes concentrate the sound beam to a 1/16” spot which is best for measurements on containers, small diameter tubes, turbine blades, etc. Using a high impedance couplant makes coupling easier. Care must be exercised to place the probe perpendicular (90°) to the test surface.

The pencil transducers are available in three different models:

  • T-481-5507: 3/16" Diameter, 10 MHz, 1/16" Tip with Top Entry and Microdot Connector
  • T-681-4507: 3/16" Diameter, 10 MHz, 90° Right Angle with Side Entry and Microdot Connector
  • T-581-5507: 3/16" Diameter, 15 MHz, 1/16" Tip with Side Entry and Microdot Connector

Acrylic delay tips will measure plastics if the material velocity is different from that of acrylic. If the velocities are similar, a graphite tip will need to be used. Measurement ranges in plastics will vary depending on the type of plastic measured. Delay tips X-152-0000 and X-752-0000 are applicable when using the pencil transducers. The measurement ranges will be specified in the table below. 


Measurement Ranges
DiameterFrequency ModeDelay TipRange
3/16"10 MHzE-EX-152-00000.006" - 0.300" ST
3/16"10 MHzI-EX-152-00000.010" - 0.400" ST
3/16"10 MHzE-EX-152-00000.005" - 0.300" PL
3/16"10 MHzI-EX-152-00000.005" - 0.300" PL
3/16"10 MHzE-EX-752-00000.006" - 0.300" ST
3/16"10 MHzI-EX-752-00000.010" - 0.500" ST
3/16"10 MHzE-EX-752-00000.005" - 0.400" PL
3/16"10 MHzI-EX-752-00000.005" - 0.400" PL
3/16"15 MHzE-EX-152-00000.006" - 0.100" ST
3/16"15 MHzI-EX-152-00000.008" - 0.250" ST
3/16"15 MHzE-EX-152-00000.005" - 0.150" PL
3/16"15 MHzI-EX-152-00000.005" - 0.250" PL
3/16"15 MHzE-EX-752-00000.006" - 0.150" ST
3/16"15 MHzI-EX-752-00000.006" - 0.400" ST
3/16"15 MHzE-EX-752-00000.005" - 0.100" PL
3/16"15 MHzI-EX-752-00000.005" - 0.150" PL
Ranges were determined using standard 4340 steel calibration standards, and common plastic samples. These ranges may vary according to material type differences and surface conditions.


PVX-V-BLOCK Transducer Holder for TI-PVX

  • For better control and repeatability on flat and curved surfaces
  • For TI-PVX pencil probes

More details

PVX-V-BLOCK Transducer Holder for TI-PVX 127399

Buy Now

T-481-4507 Pencil Probe for TI-PVX 10 MHz
€ 848,00 
T-681-4507 90° Right Angle Microdot Side 10 MHz
€ 848,00 
T-581-5507 Pencil Probe for TI-PVX 15 MHz
€ 969,00 

X-152-0000 1/16" Delay Line tip for Pencil Probe
€ 68,00 
X-752-0000 Delay Line Tip 1/8" Dia. x .450 for Pencil Probe
€ 67,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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