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Tramex Flooring Hygro-I Master Kit Tramex Flooring Hygro-I Master Moisture Inspection Kit

The complete package for moisture testing of concrete and wood flooring, giving the user the ability to make an informed decision as to when to lay the floor covering. Also, it provides the user with the ability to diagnose moisture, relative humidity and temperature problems in post installation testing.

The Tramex Flooring Hygro-I Master Kit is not only provided with the Concrete Moisture Encounter 4 (CME4), which is a non-digital, hand-held, electronic moisture meter which utilizes a non-destructive impedance measurement for moisture determination.
In addition, the Master Kit also includes the digital moisture and humidity meter MRH III. In opposition to the CME4, which can only be used for moisture measurement of concrete, the MRH III can be used on wood, plaster / brick, tiles and plasterboard (drywall).

The gauge has plug-in ports for optional probes.


  • CME4 gives instant non-destructive readings in concrete up to 6 % moisture content.
  • Use per ASTM F2659.
  • MRH III is a non-destructive moisture meter with built in wood specific gravity species correction.
  • Reads 1 ¼” deep in wood.
  • Relative scale of 0-100 for other building materials including drywall, laminate, residential asphalt shingles and masonry products.
  • Backlit display for easy viewing in low light conditions.
  • Plug in hand & hammer wood probes for invasive testing.
  • Hygro-i NEW reusable NIST traceable relative humidity probe.

Complete Kit

The Tramex Flooring Hygro-I Master Kit is a complete kit including:
- CME4 - Concrete Moisture Encounter
- MRH III - Digital Moisture & Humidity Meter
- Hole liners and caps (4)
- Brush
- Insertion & extraction tools
- Hygro-I Electronic Interface
- Hygro-I Relative Humidity Probe
- Hammer action Probe with 1.5” insulated pins
- Hand held Pin wood Probe.
- Infrared Surface Thermometer
- 75% RH Calibration Salt Check


1 year
Case measurements
41 x 35 x 12 cm

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Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter 4 Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter 4

  • Instant readings
  • Non-destructive operation, no need to probe, drill or mechanically damage the surface

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Tramex MRH III Digital Moisture & Humidity Meter

  • Digital, non destructive meter.
  • Specific Gravity adjustment for most wood species.
  • Deep signal penetration up to over 1" into the materials being tested without the need to damage the surface.
  • Wide range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative for all other materials.

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Tramex Accessory Pack For Hygro-I Kits Tramex Accessory Pack For Hygro-I Moisture Kits

  • The Tramex Accessory Pack contains:
    - brush
    - cutter
    - ruler
    - probe insertion & retrieval tool

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Tramex Electrode 30mm HH14TP30 - Hand Held Electrode (with cable & 30mm pins)

  • Tramex HH14TP30 - Hand Held Electrode (with cable & 30mm pins)

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Tramex Hammer Probe HA21SP52 - Tramex Hammer Probe

  • Tramex HA21SP52 - Hammer Probe

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Tramex Electronic Interface Tramex Electronic Interface for Hygro-I RH Probe

  • Used for Hygro-I relative humidity probe
  • Hygro-I Electronic Interface for CMEXpert II and MRHIII

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Tramex Hole Liners and Caps Tramex Hole Liners and Caps

  • Used with Tramex Hygro-I Relative Humidity Probes for performing ASTM F2170.

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Tramex Hygro-I RH Probe Tramex Hygro-I Relative Humidity Probe for MRHIII & CMEXII

  • Automatic switch to Hygrometer Mode

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Tramex Salt Check Tramex 75% Relative Humidity Calibration Salt Check

  • Tramex 75% RH Calibration Salt Check

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Tramex Infrared Surface Thermometer Tramex Infrared (IR) Surface Thermometer - IRTX

  • Infrared Surface Thermometer

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Product name
FZK5.2 - Tramex Flooring Inspection EZ Kit (CMEX2, HH14TP30, HIPP1-IE, 6 RH Sleeves)
€ 690,00 
FIK5.2 - Tramex Flooring Inspection Kit (CMEX2, 3 Hygro-i Probes, HH14TP30, IRT2, SAL75,
€ 915,00 
FMK5.2 - Tramex Flooring Master Kit (CMEX2, WME, 3 Hygro-i Probes, HH14TP30, IRT2, 3 SAL7
€ 1.350,00 


Product name
TRAMEX-ACC-KITS - Tramex Accessory Pack For Hygro-I Moisture Kits
€ 52,00 
HA21SP52 - Tramex Hammer Probe
€ 145,00 
RHIE - Tramex Hygro-i Electronic Interface
€ 62,00 
RHHL12 - Tramex Hygro-i Hole Liners - 12 sets of liners and caps
€ 25,00 
HIPP1 - Tramex Hygro-i Probe - Pack of 1
€ 88,00 
SAL75 - Tramex 75% RH Calibration Salt Check
€ 57,00 
IRT2 - Tramex Infrared Surface Thermometer
€ 100,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request
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