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Tramex Concrete Hygro-I Inspection Kit Tramex Concrete Hygro-I Moisture Inspection Kit

The complete moisture & humidity testing kit for concrete, incorporating the Tramex instant moisture test and the new Hygro-i in-situ probe working together to provide a new standard in speed & accuracy which can be used again & again.

The Tramex Concrete Hygro-I Inspection Kit provides you with a reliable, sustainable method for the measurement of moisture in concrete. Additionaly, it can be used for comparative readings on stone, lightweight concrete, gypsum floor screeds, ceramic tiles and other masonry type materials.


  • CMEXpertII gives instant non-destructive readings in concrete up to 6.9% moisture content.
  • Backlit display for easy viewing in low light conditions.
  • Use per ASTM 2659.
  • Hygro-i NEW reusable NIST traceable relative humidity probe
  • The Hygro-i sensor is fast, accurate, reusable and economical.

Complete Kit

The Tramex Concrete Hygro-I Inspection Kit is a complete kit including:
-CMEXpertII Digital, Hand-Held, Non-Destructive Concrete Moisture Meter
- Hole liners and caps (12)
- Brush
- Insertion & extraction tools
- Hygro-I Probes (3)
- Hygro-I Electronic Interface
- 75 % RH Calibration Salt Check (3)
- Infrared surface thermometer


1 year
Case measurements
41 x 35 x 12 cm
Measure principle CMEXpert II
Non-destructive, impedance measurement
Standard CMEXpert II
Complies with BS Standard BS 5325 and BS 8203 for above surface readings of RH, temperatue & dew-point readings. Complies with ASTM F 2659.
Languages CMEXpert II
English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish, Dutch & Portuguese
Power Supply CMEXpert II
Battery operated (included)

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Tramex CMEXpert II CMEXPert II Digital Concrete Moisture Meter

  • Measures up to 6.9% moisture content in concrete
  • Measures from 7% to 40% moisture content in wood
  • Instant readings
  • "Hold" function enables user to "freeze" the reading. Useful for taking readings when the meter face is not visible
  • Can be used for non-destructive Hood method (ASTM F2420) or sub-surface In-Situ method (ASTM F2170)

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Tramex Accessory Pack For Hygro-I Kits

  • The Tramex Accessory Pack contains:
    - brush
    - cutter
    - ruler
    - probe insertion & retrieval tool

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Tramex Electronic Interface

  • Used for Hygro-I relative humidity probe
  • Hygro-I Electronic Interface for CMEXpert II and MRHIII

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Tramex Hole Liners and Caps

  • Used with Tramex Hygro-I Relative Humidity Probes for performing ASTM F2170.

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Tramex Hygro-I RH Probe

  • Automatic switch to Hygrometer Mode
  • Ideal solution for measurement of humidity, temperature and dew-point
  • Suitable for materials as concrete flooring and walls and environmental conditions

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Tramex Electrode 30mm

  • Tramex HH14TP30 - Hand Held Electrode (with cable & 30mm pins)

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Tramex Salt Check

  • Tramex 75% RH Calibration Salt Check

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Product name
CZK5.2 - Tramex Concrete Inspection EZ Kit (CMEX2, 3 Hygro-i Probes, 12 RH Sleeves)
€ 735,00 
CMK5.2 - Tramex Concrete Inspection Master Kit (CMEX2, 12 Hygro-i Probes, 3 SAL75, 25 RH
€ 1.430,00 


Product name
TRAMEX-ACC-KITS - Tramex Accessory Pack For Hygro-I Moisture Kits
€ 52,00 
RHIE - Tramex Electronic Interface for Hygro-i RH Probe
€ 62,00 
RHHL12 - Tramex Hygro-i Hole Liners - 12 sets of liners and caps
€ 25,00 
HIPP1 - Tramex Hygro-i Probe - Pack of 1
€ 88,00 
HH14TP30 - Tramex Hand Held Electrode with cable 30mm Pins
€ 77,00 
SAL75 - Tramex 75% RH Calibration Salt Check
€ 57,00 
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