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RTU dynamic torque limiter

Made in GermanyThe RTU inline torque limiters enable conventional torque tools, such as electrically and pneumatically driven screw driving tools, to be converted into torque-limiting tools. For that, the RTU torque limiter is simply attached to the end of a conventional tool.

The RTU series is suitable for all non-hammer screw driving applications and quickly delivers precise results.

  • Repeatability ± 6% of the displayed measured value
  • ISO6789 Classification 2F

Overview of models
Article numberModelMeasurement rangeMax. RPMDrive-InputDrive-Output 
018100RTU 170 (silver)20 - 170 Ncm / 1,8 - 15 lbf.in5003/8 "square inside3/8" square outside 
018120RTU 170 Hex (silver)20 - 170 Ncm / 1,8 - 15 lbf.in5001/4 "hex inside1/4" hex outside 
018200RTU 450 (silver)1 - 4,5 Nm / 9 - 40 lbf.in5003/8" square inside3/8" square outside 
018220RTU 450 Hex (silver)1 - 4,5 Nm / 9 - 40 lbf.in5001/4" hex innen1/4" hex outside 
018300RTU 1000 (silver)4 - 10 Nm / 36 - 88 lbf.in2503/8" square inside3/8" square outside 
018320RTU 1000 Hex (silver)4 - 10 Nm / 36 - 88 lbf.in2501/4" hex inside1/4" hex outside 
019100RTU 1 (blue)0,1 - 1 Nm / 0.9 - 8.8 lbf.in5003/8" square inside
1/4" Hex inside
1/4" square outside
1/4" Hex innen
019200RTU 4 (blue)0,6 - 4,5 Nm / 5.5 - 39,8 lbf.in 5003/8" Square inside
1/4" Hex innen
1/4" square outside
1/4" Hex innen
019400RTU 14 (blue)2 - 14 Nm / 18 - 123,8 lbf.in125 3/8" Square inside
1/4" Hex innen
1/4" square outside
1/4" Hex innen