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RFSE On-Line Tension Sensor With Built-In Amplifier

Made in GermanyThe new Checkline Model RFSE Tension Sensors measure the running line tensions of yarn, wires, optic fibers, cables, tapes/bands, wraps/webs, foils and similar process materials.

Its unique strain-gauge design delivers excellent measurement precision and stability as well as providing maximum overload protection. They are used in a variety of low and high-range applications, such as measuring 1 or 2 grams on fine denier yarns/fibers to applications measuring wire/cable up to 500 Kg.

Built-in amplifier provides a 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA output. This sensor requires an unregulated 24 VDC power source. Requires a "zero" adjustment only.

  • Integrated measurement amplifier for compact mounting onto the application
  • Resolution of 0.1% and better
  • Rugged stainless steel housing is environmentally sealed
  • Threaded housing with lock-nuts permits easy mounting and simple alignment
  • Overload protection up to 800%
  • Wide variety of precision, ball-bearing mounted guide rollers are available
  • Supplied with a 10 ft. (3 m) shielded cable. Optional lengths are available
  • Custom sensor designs can be developed to meet specific applications requirements. Inquire.

Tension Ranges
RFS-100 0-100 g (0.00-0.22 lbs)     
RFS-200 0-200 g (0.00-0.44 lbs)     
RFS-500 0-500 g (0.00-1.10 lbs)     
RFS-1K 0-1 Kg (0.00-2.20 lbs)     
RFS-2K 0-2 Kg (0.00-4.40 lbs)     
RFS-5K 0-5 Kg (0.00-11.0 lbs)     
RFS-10K 0-10 Kg (0.00-22.0 lbs)     
RFS-20K 0-20 Kg (0.00-44.0lbs)     
RFS-50K 0-50 Kg (0.00-110 lbs)     
RFS-100K 0-100 Kg (0.00-220.0 lbs)     

Tension & Force Definitions

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Measuring PrincipleStrain Gauge
Accuracy±0.5% Full Scale or better
Sensor Excitation10 VDC (12 VDC, max.)
Sensor Output1.5 mV/V
Input Resistance350 Ohms
Output Resistance350 Ohms
Overload Protection400 - 800%
Deflection0.07 mm (max.)
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
Environmental ProtectionIP50 (Splash-Proof)
Cable Type4.5 mm diameter shielded cable with bare leads
Cable Length10 ft. (3 meter), longer lengths available. Inquire
Operating Temperature15 to 155° F (-10 to 70° C)
Sensor Excitation19 - 28 VDC
(24 VDC recommended @ 36 mA)
Sensor Output0 - 10 VDC (standard)
4 - 20 mA (optional)
Frequency Response5 msec (200 Hz)
Zero Adjustment±45%