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RFS100, Tension Sensors
RFS100, Tension Sensors

RFS100 Radial Force Measuring Axle

Made in GermanyRFS stands for enduring online precision. The specified and calibrated accuracy remains unchanged throughout the unit’s service life and, across wide ranges, is independent of:
  • the force introduction point, i.e. the sensor is not affected by lever arm action
  • any axial tilt torques which might appear
  • direct axial forces
The functional principle makes for superb sensitivity while at the same time offering enormous performance capabilities. The force acting radially at the bearing journal, along the measurement vector, causes a microscopically small, elastic deformation of the complex load cell. This deformation is registered at an exactly pre-determined position by way of strain gauges and is then evaluated electronically.

The high mechanical stiffness of the load cell enables measurement with virtually no excursion. This tension measurement principle is based on the evaluation of the force applied radially and transferred to the sensor by way of the bearing journal. This force is determined by the reversing geometry and the line tension.


  • Extremely compact and small design - for 16mm mounting hole
  • Overload protection up to 800%
  • No influence of any axial tilt torques or direct axial forces which might appear
  • Robust, stainless steel housing
  • Existing reversing points can be adapted as measurement points
  • Independent of the force introduction point, i.e. the sensor is not affected by lever arm action
  • Centrifugal force will take no affect with optimal alignment in rotating purposes
  • Thought-through concept of housing for simple mounting


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