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DT-725 Low Cost Digital Stroboscope - Battery Powered

Flash Range: 40-12.500 RPM/FPM

The Check-Line DT-725 Digital Stroboscope is a highly stable, industrial-quality measuring instrument. The DT-725 is developed for non-contact RPM measurement as well as for inspection and observation of moving parts by "freezing" or "slowing down" the action.

Optionally, a "Kit" version is available includinga carrying case and a spare flash tube at minimal additional cost.


  • Highly accurate speed control with drift-free operation
  • Instant double (2x) and half-rate (÷2) flash selection
  • Extremely lightweight and rugged
  • Easy-to-use controls with bright LED display
  • Phase shift adjustment permits movement of objects to desired position for convenient observation
  • Accepts input from sensor for external flash triggering
  • Without CE Certification

External Trigger Input Signal

A) 12 - 24 V DC through a 3-wire NPN sensor (requires external power supply)
B) 12 V DC through a 2-wire proximity sensor (Leakage Current 1 mA max. Load current 8 mA min.)
C) Switch or Relay Contact



Dimensions Stroboscopes DT-725

Complete Kit

Optional a Complete Kit is offered which also includes a carrying case and spare flash tube at minimal additional cost.

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Cic-Strobe Stroboscope Calibration

  • Easy planning of calibration
  • Short turnaround
  • Exclusively using a standard which is traceable to Britisch national standards and International standards ISO/IEC 17025
  • Possibility to adjust and repair

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Flash Range
40.0 - 12,500 FPM
± 0.02% of reading
(0.1) 40.0 - 4,999.9
(0.2) 5,000.0 - 7,999.8
(0.5) 8,000.0 - 9,999.5
(1.0) 10,000.0 - 12,500.0
5-Digit LED, 8 mm high
Flash Tube
Xenon, 10 watt
Tube Life
100 million flashes
Flash Duration
10 - 15 µs
Signal Output
NPN Open Collector, 24 VDC max.
Phase Shift
0 - 359° (Internal Mode)
Operating Time
1 hour
Charging Time
15 Hours
Low Batt Indicator
LED light on display
Operating Temperature
0 to 40° C
1.25 Kg (2.75 lbs. )
1 year

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Product name
DT-725-2 Stroboscope 230VAC
€ 587,00 
DT-725-2 KIT Stroboscope 230VAC
€ 730,00 


Product name
721FH Flash Tube for DT-721 & DT-725
€ 62,00 
DT-12v230 Spare / Replacement 230V Power Adapter for DT-725-2
€ 68,00 
DT-700CC Carrying Case for DT-700 Series
€ 127,00 
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