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SW-TI3 Software Tension Inspect 3

The program can be used for following instruments: 

  • Tension meter series: DT, DTX, ETX, KXE, MST, TS and FS with outputs USB, RS232, RS422 or WI-FI 
  • Display instruments series: SCD-1, SC-PM, SC-PM4, SC-PM4-WL with outputs USB, RS232 or RS422

Tension Inspect is an easy-to use program designed to display, record, graph and print data of a tension meter (online or handheld).
Readings can be viewed in real time. A tension –time graph is being recorded and statistical data are calculated continuously. On request all readings can be stored in a file.
The program is available for single and multi chanel systems (1, 4, 8, 12, 16 or 32 connected tension meters)



  • Real time display
  • Tension-time trend graph; with the time-shift procedure stored readings can be analyzed
  • Statistical values are automatically calculated and displayed as maximum, minimum, average, number of readings and standard deviation
  • Readings can be stored automatically as a file in CSV format for record-keeping purpose. These files can be reloaded in Exel spreadsheets. Stored readings of the PC can be reloaded 
  • Set Up Menu to determine settings as instrument, range, units, sampling rate, com port etc.
  • Adjustable Min. Max Alarms; a alarm protocol can be created
  • For save and import the readings • A summarized report including the X-Y Chart can be printed in HTML format
  • The memory of a instrument with memory can be downloaded (model DT, ETX, DTX; MST, KXE and DTX)


  • Adjustable sampling rate (depending on unit): max. 1000 readings/sec min. 1 readings/sec
  • Automated detection of the connected unit Model MST can be connected to a PC with the RS-232 cable.


  • Interface: Depending to the connected unit USB, RS232, RS422 or WLAN
  • System requirements: WIN XP or higher (32, 64 Bit)


  • SW-TI3 for 1 chanel
  • SW-TI3-4 for 4 chanel
  • SW-TI3-8 for 8 chanel
  • SW-TI3-12 for 12 chanel
  • SW-TI3-16 for 16 chanel
  • SW-TI3-20 for 20 chanel
  • SW-TI3-24 for 24 chanel
  • SW-TI3-28 for 28 chanel
  • SW-TI3-32 for 32 chanel


  • Real-time reading
  • The readings are also shown in a X-Y- diagram (time/date-tension)
  • For data analysing the buffered diagram can be zoomed and scaled
  • Recording of the buffered readings as CSV-file (on user request)
  • Download of values to Excel
  • The memory of a instrument with memory can be downloaded (model DT, ETX, DTX; MST, KXE and DTX)

Complete Kit

Delivery includes: CD with operating instruction


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SW-TI3 Software „Tension Inspect 3“ to display and store measurings on PC (Win 7 und höher; 32 Bit und 64 Bit)
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1-3 days , Delivery time: 1-3 weeks , special order, request