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WinWedge Software WinWedge Data Collection Software

WinWedge captures serial data, custom tailors it to meet your needs, then transfers it to any Windows application - either by sending keystrokes to the application's window or by passing the data through Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) conversations. WinWedge also transmits prompts or commands through the serials port to control or query your Mark-10 or other instruments from within other Windows applications or directly from WinWedge. Think of WinWedge as a fully customizable serial I/O device driver that will save time while eliminating data entry errors.

The WinWedge 32 Pro is a true 32-bit version with advanced parsing, filtering and formating of text, binary, hex, octal and ASCII data. Expanded DDE support allows other applications to completely control WinWedge and all serial I/O. This lets you create extremely powerful data acquisition and device control interfaces from within any Windows application that supports DDE (including Excel, Access, MMIs and LIMS). It also supports TCP/IP communications and is 30% faster. Two additional programs - TCPWedge and FileWedge are included free with the WinWedge 32 Pro.

WinWedge is compatible with the following gauges: BG, BGI, CG, EG (when equipped with outputs option).


  • Transfers data to any Windows program
  • Collects real-time data on multiple serial ports simultaneously
  • Easy to set up and use. No programming required
  • Provides full two-way I/O for data collection and instrument control
  • Powerful DDE support in Windows
  • Unlimited free tech support by the developer (

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