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D-2010 Motorized Precision Material Thickness Gauge

Made in GermanyThe D-2010 Precision Material Thickness Gauge has a stable and rigid base frame with an encapsulated, separate measuring block. And is a top choice if you appreciate high precision (up to 0.001 mm), easy operation, automatic processing and objective, reproducible measurement results.

The device can be adapted to the materials to be measured according to your requirements. Thus, the calliper surfaces, the calliper materials and the measurement pressures fit in exactly with the guidelines of ISO, EN, DIN or also with your own test regulations.

Common Standards
For textiles and non-woven textiles according to DIN EN ISO 5084 (measuring face 20 cm²/pressure 0.1 kPa and 1 kPa)

For fleece according to DIN EN ISO 9073-2 (measuring face 25 cm²/pressure 0.1 kPa and 0.5 kPa)

For geomaterials according to DIN EN ISO 964-1 (measuring face 25 cm²/pressure 2 kPa and 20 kPa, not 200 kPa)

The D-2010 device is also available with different measurement ranges:
Ranges 0 – 10 mm, 0 – 25 mm (or with the equivalents in inch, switchable).

With this instrument the most popular checking methods can be applied for textiles, felt, geomaterials, paper, floor coverings, leather, foils, rubber, plastic films etc.

The D-2010 has data outputs for the digital processing of the measurement results or for the transmission to a printer.

  • Resolution 0.01 mm - standard, 0.001 mm - optional
    (0.001 mm is standard for D-2010-P, D-2010-F)
  • Gauging depth (centre of the stamp) 110 mm
  • Illuminated graphic touch-screen with menu controlled operation (optionally in German or English)
  • Individual measurements as well as measurement series with every specified number of measurement cycles are possible
  • Footpedal is included
  • The automatic zero point control can be selected by pressing the key
  • Dwell times of 1 – 60 seconds are adjustable
  • Motor-driven calliper movement with steady lowering speed (standard 2.5 mm/s)
  • The measurement path can be preselected in order to save time
  • Digital interface
  • Always up-to-date and simultaneous display of the measurement value, the measurement cycle, the average value and the standard deviation
  • Includes Calibration Certificate
  • Selectable measuring units mm / inch
  • Separate measuring block, incased against outside external impacts, for highest accuracy and repeatability

Available models
Model Standard Application Feeler dia. (mm) Feeler area (cm²) Pressure
D-2010-T DIN EN ISO 5084 Textiles 50.42 20 0.1 kPa and 1 kPa
D-2010-V DIN EN ISO 9073-2 Standard fleece 56.42 25 0.5 kPa
D-2010-G DIN EN ISO 964-1 Geomaterials 56.42 25 2 kPa
D-2010-G1 DIN EN ISO 964-1 Geomaterials 56.42 25 2 kPa, 20 kPa and 200 kPa
D-2010-NW DIN EN ISO 53855 Non-woven textiles 56.42
0.5 kPa, 1 kPa and 5 kPa
D-2010-P* DIN EN ISO 53105 Paper 16 2 100 kPa
D-2010-HY* DIN EN ISO 54540 Hygenic Paper 56.42 25 2 kPa
D-2010-L1 DIN EN ISO 53326 (out of date) Leather 10 0.785 50 kPa
D-2010-L2 DIN EN ISO 2589 Leather 10 0.785 49.1 kPa
D-2010-Gi* Rubber 36.68 10 5 kPa
D-2010-CF ISO 2286-3 Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics 12 1.13 2 kPa, 10 kPa and 24 kPa
D-2010-CF1 ISO 2286-3 Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics 12 1.13 2 kPa, 5 kPa, 10 kPa and 24 kPa
  Feeler Calotte    
D-2010-F* DIN 53370 Foils R 30 mm   0.5 N
*Model D-2010-P, D-2010-HY, D-2010-Gi and D-2010-F have an resolution of 0.001mm
Individual configurations to an required standard are available upon request.


Code RHigher resolution 0.001 instead of 0.01 mm
(0.001 mm is standard for D-2010-P, D-2010-F)
Code EExtended measuring range 0 - 25 mm
Code E2Extended measuring range 0 - 50 mm
Code S Software & Cable
DKD-CalCalibration report from a DKD authorized laboratory

Special models can be requisted!

Measuring Range0 - 10 mm, (25 mm optional, Code E)
Resolution0.001 mm
Accuracy± 0.002 mm
Depth of jaw160 mm
Measuring systemCapacitive -> Sylvac
DisplayGraphic display Touchscreen
Measuring unitmm or inch (switchable)
Stroke in mmLevel 1 = 2.0, level 2 = 3.5, level 3 = 5.0, level 4 = 6.5 and level 5 = 10.5 mm (full measuring range)
Dwell time1 - 60 seconds
Number of measuringUp to 50 per test series
Feeler shape and surface pressureAccording international standards DIN, EN and ISO
Output signalRS 232 for printer and USB for PC
Temperature range10 - 45 °C
Air humidityMax. 85 % r.H
Dimensions300 x 200 x 300 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross)24 kg

Buy Now

Product name
D-2010-T Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Textiles
€ 5.385,00 
D-2010-V Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Fleece
€ 5.395,00 
D-2010-G Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Geomaterials
€ 5.535,00 
D-2010-NW Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Non-woven
€ 5.495,00 
D-2010-P Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Paper (0.001 mm)
€ 5.650,00 
D-2010-Hy Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Hygenic Paper
€ 5.495,00 
D-2010-L Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Leather
€ 5.545,00 
D-2010-Gi Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Rubber
€ 5.475,00 
D-2010-F Motorized Material Thickness Gauge for Foils (0.001 mm)
€ 5.595,00 

Product name
Code R - Higher resolution 0.001 instead of 0.01 mm
€ 245,00 
Code E - Extended measuring range 0 - 25 mm
€ 295,00 
DKDCAL - Calibration report done by a DKD approved laboratory for new instrument
€ 150,00 
Code S - Software & Cable
€ 139,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request