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D-1000 Mechanical material thickness gauge for ASTM, DIN & ISO standards

Made in GermanyThe D-1000 material thickness gauge is a stationary precision thickness gauge, suitable for a variety of materials including textiles, fabrics, felt, fiber composites, geomaterials, floor coverings, leather, foils, rubber and much more.

We offer various preconfigured models, whose test stamp geometry and feeler correspond to the specified DIN, ISO and ASTM standards

The D-1000 material thickness gauge comes in 3 distinct measurement ranges:

Standard: 0 - 10 mm
Optional: E25: 0 - 25mm
Optional:  E50: 0 - 50mm

Resolution: 0.01 or 0.001mm

Standards covered by our standard models include:

DIN EN ISO 9073-2
DIN EN ISO 9863-1
DIN EN ISO 54540
DIN 53370
DIN EN 1849-2

We can also supply customer-specific models based on the test stamp geometry and measuring force you require. Interchangeable weights and test stamps also allow for a combination of different standards in one D-1000 model.

Please contact us for advice on your specific application.

  • High accuracy & repeatability through rigid frame construction
  • Standard resolution: 0.01mm, optional resolution: 0.001mm (code R)
  • Standard measuring range: 0 - 10mm, optional: 0 - 25mm or 0 - 50mm
  • 95mm measuring depth (from the middle of the measuring platform)
  • The feeler is controlled via a handwheel on the side
  • USB interface
  • Battery operated, power supply optionally available
  • Including manufacturer calibration certificate, DAkkS certification optionally possible
  • Customized special designs possible with the desired test stamp and measuring pressure

ModelStandardApplicationFeeler Ø (mm)Feeler surface (cm²)Measurement force
D-1000-TDIN EN ISO 5084Textiles56,42250,1 und 1 kPa
D-1000-VDIN EN ISO 9073-2Standard fleece56,42250,5 kPa
D-1000-GDIN EN ISO 9863-1Geomaterial56,42252 kPa
D-1000-P*DIN EN ISO 53105Paper162100 kPa
D-1000-HY*DIN EN ISO 54540 Sanitary paper56,42252 kPa
D-1000-LDIN EN ISO 2589Leather100,78549,1 kPa
D-1000-Gi* Rubber35,68105 kPa
D-1000-F1*DIN 53370 FoilCalotte R 30 0,5 N
D-1000-F2*DIN 53370 Foil7.50,4420,9 N
D-1000-ABDIN EN 1849-2Waterproofing sheets100,78520 kPa

Precision:±0.02 mm - (standard)
±0.002 mm - (optional code R)
Measurement range:0 - 10 mm - (standard)
0 - 25 mm - (optional E25)
0 - 50 mm - (optional E50)
Resolution:0.01 mm - (standard)
0.001 mm - 0.001 mm - (option code R)
Measurement depth:95 mm (from the middle of the measuring platform)
Display:6 digits LCD, 8.5mm high
Units of measurement:mm or inch (adjustable)
Feeler geometry:According to the selected ISO, DIN or ASTM standard
Measuring force:According to the selected ISO, DIN or ASTM standard
Output signal:USB
Battery:1 Lithium battery, 3V CR2032, 220 mAh
Battery duration:Approx. 1 year
Low battery is indicated by the "B" symbol in the display
Temperature:10 - 45 °C
Dimension:250 x 180 x 400 mm
Weight:12 kg (net)
15 kg (gross)

Buy Now

D-1000-T - Material Thickness Gauge for Textiles
€ 3.665,00 
D-1000-V - Material Thickness Gauge Fleece
€ 3.665,00 
D-1000-G - Material Thickness Gauge for Geotextiles
€ 3.713,00 
D-1000-P - Material Thickness Gauge for Paper
€ 3.996,00 
D-1000-HY - Material Thickness Gauge for Hygienic Paper
€ 3.671,00 
D-1000-L - Material Thickness Gauge for Leather
€ 3.818,00 
D-1000-AB-Material Thickness Gauge for waterproofing sheets - NEN-EN 1849-2
€ 3.509,00 
D-1000-Gi - Material Thickness Gauge for Rubber
€ 3.665,00 
D-1000-F - Material Thickness Gauge for Foils
€ 4.070,00 

D-1000 Code R - 0,001mm Resolution instead of 0,01mm
€ 422,00 
D-1000 Code E - Extended measuring range 0 - 25 mm
€ 434,00 
D-1000 Code E2 - Extended measuring range 0 - 50 mm
€ 1.142,00 
DakkS-CAL accredited certificate
€ 123,00 
D-1000/2000/2005/2010/2020 - Code S - Software & Cable
€ 165,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request