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PFK Moisture meter for paper and solid cardboard at the pile

Made in the EuThe Checkline PFK paper moisture meter quickly determines the absolute water content of paper, board and cellulose. The PFK measures non-destructively, directly on the stack or on a (stationary) roller with a measuring depth of 20 mm. The measuring range of the PFK paper moisture meter is 1% to 15% water content (depending on paper type) with a measurement resolution of 0, 1%.

With the help of the integrated data logger, you can record up to 10,000 measured values. Typical measurement applications include precise inbound inspections and process controls at print shops, as well as at paper traders and corrugated manufacturers.Furthermore, this paper moisture meter is easy to handle and due to its convenient size, the PFK can be deployed anywhere on site.

Measurement procedure:

Turn on the instrument, select the correct calibration curve (based on the density of the paper) and press the instrument onto the material to be measured. The illuminated display immediately shows the measured value.

The Checkline PFK has a memory capacity for the storage of up to 10,000 measured values ​​and offers also the possibility to enter additional data, such as the lot number.

For each series of measurements recorded, the PFK automatically calculates the average value.

Via the optional USB interface, the measured values ​​can be transferred to a PC and via the PC software LogMemorizer® the data can be archived, exported, processed and printed.


Fast and non-destructive measurement

• Measuring range 1% to 15% absolute water content, depending on the type of paper

• Measuring depth: 20 mm

• 20 standard calibration curves (expandable)

• Resolution: 0.1% water content

• Paper temperature: 0 to + 50 ° C

• Temperature can be set to ° C or ° F as needed

• Automatic temperature compensation

• Hold function, automatic data recording function

Scope of delivery: PFK moisture meter, wooden box with test plate, protective rubber cap and batteries

• Optional: USB moisture meter data interface module with LogMemorizer measurement data capture and analysis software on USB key, portable thermal printer

  • Supplied with a large, well-lit LCD display with built-in HOLD function
  • Integrated, automatic temperature compensation for maximum accuracy
  • Measuring range: 1 - 15% with 0.1% resolution
  • Automatic temperature compensation for the greatest accuracy
  • Built-in data storage for 10,000 values
  • Menu language in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian
  • PKF - USB model including USB output, supplied with data cable & PC software

Complete Kit

The PFK paper moisture meter is supplied as a complete set, including:

  •      PFK paper moisture meter
  •      Wooden case
  •      Calibration plate
  •      Rubber protection
  •      Batteries
  •      Instructions for use


The PFK-USB is also supplied with:

  •      LogMemorizer software
  •      USB data cable
  •      Portable thermal printer

Measuring Range:1% to 15% water content
Resolution:0.1% water content
Measuring depth:20 mm
Paper temperature:0 to +50°C
Temperature resolution:0,1°C
Temperature Units:°C or °F
Data Logger:up to 10,000 logs with measuring point report
Data output (PFK-USB model only):class = "fa fa-usb" aria-hidden = "true"> USB interface (delivery with data transfer cable & software)
Batteries:4 x 1.5 volt AA batteries
Device weight:265 g (incl. batteries)
Dimensions:147 x 75 x 30 mm (incl. rubber protection)
Menu languages:English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech and Polish
Guarantee:2 years

Standard calibration curves:
Product typePaper typeDensity (kg / m³)
300 paperTissue, filter papier300 kg/m³ 
350 paperTissue, filter papier350 kg/m³ 
400 paperTissue, filter papier400 kg/m³ 
450 paperTissue, filter papier450 kg/m³ 
500 paperZeer lage dichtheid karton500 kg/m³ 
550 paperLow density carton550 kg/m³ 
600 paperVery low density paper/ newspaper600 kg/m³ 
650 paperLow density paper650 kg/m³ 
700 paper Low density paper/Kraftliner700 kg/m³ 
750 paperCopy paper, Liner750 kg/m³ 
800 paperCopy paper800 kg/m³ 
850 paperCopy paper850 kg/m³ 
900 paperCopy paper900 kg/m³ 
950 paperBrochure - Offsetpaper950 kg/m³ 
1000 paper Brochure - Offsetpaper1000 kg/m³ 
1050 paper Brochure - Offsetpaper1050 kg/m³ 
1100 paperBrochure - Offsetpaper1100 kg/m³ 
1200 paperBrochure - Offsetpaper1200 kg/m³ 
1300 paperBrochure - Offsetpaper1300 kg/m³ 
1136/5000 Selection of the correct curve
Due to the countless paper types, there are no standard curves.
For the Checkline PFK paper moisture meter, the density of the paper stock or paper roll determines the different curves.
The above overview of the curves contains suggestions for paper types and paper densities [kg / m³].
To achieve an exact measurement result, a one-time comparative measurement is required with your online moisture measurement or by performing the standardized oven method (DIN 287).
1. Measure your paper (on the roll or on the stack) with the available curves which give a realistic value and note the different measurement results with the corresponding characteristic curve names.
2. Now record the actual water content of your online moisture measurement or carry out a determination of the reference water content according to EN ISO 287.
3. Now compare the recorded measurement results of the different curves with the actual water content according to the reference measurement. Now you can select/determine the curve that is most accurate with the reference measurement.


Li-Ion Rechargeable AA Batteries via the USB to USB-C

  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Stable voltage of 1,5 V over 95% of the runtime
  • Charged via the USB to USB-C cable

More details

Li-Ion Rechargeable AA Batteries via the USB to USB-C 127554

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PFK - Paper moisture meter
€ 941,00 
PFK-USB - Paper moisture meter with USB-output
€ 1.344,00 

Calibration Certificate - Factory calibration certificate protocol for humidity meters
€ 136,00 
Li-Ion Rechargeable AA Batteries - 4 pcs (with USB to USB-C cable)
€ 25,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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