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M410 IVO Mechanical Meter Counter

Made in GermanyCounter available in various models described below.


  • Counting in direction of defined rotation (adding).
    Substracting in reverse direction.
  • 5-digit, 9999.95 m/cm
  • Max. speed with wheel of 50 cm: 200 m/min. Without measuring wheel: max 3000 digits/min.


MR Series 5

  • 0.5m circumfence
  • 5 different lining versions:
  • Aluminium, Cross knurl
  • Smooth Vulkollan
  • Knopped rubber
  • Smooth Hytrel
  • Grooved Hytrel
  • 3 bore size diameters; 7mm, 10mm and 12mm.

More details


Dimensions Meter Counters M410

Sense of rotation

Model Selector



5-digit, 99 999
Digit size:
Approx. 7 mm high, white on black background
By pushing the socket lever, mounted on right or left side, user choice
Drive shaft:
Projecting on both sides, dia. 7 mm
Housing material:
Gray plastic
Base plate:
Galvanized steel, 2.5 mm thick
Ambient temperature:
0 ... +60 °C
Approx. 380 gr
Counting mode:
In direction of defined rotat., adding
Substracting in reverse direction
Measuring range:
9 999.9 m (decimal in red)
Max. speed:
With measuring wheel of 50 cm: max. 200 m/min
Without measuring wheel: max. 3000 digits/min

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Product name
M410.010A03C IVO Counter
€ 162,90 
M410.010A03D IVO Counter
€ 162,90 
M410.010A03G IVO Counter
€ 162,90 
M410.010A03H IVO Counter
€ 162,90 
M410.010B03C IVO Counter with hinged plate
€ 162,90 
M410.010B03D IVO Counter with hinged plate
€ 162,90 
M410.010A04G IVO Counter
€ 181,00 
M410.010B03G IVO Counter
€ 146,30 
M410.010A02G IVO Mechanical Meter Counter
€ 220,45 
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Availability: Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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