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MiniTest 725 Coating Thickness Gauge with integrated sensor

Made in Germany The MiniTest 725 with integrated sensor for easy, one hand operation.

The new MiniTest 725 coating thickness gauge is the solution to all your coating thickness problems where a reliable finish and perfect product appearance play a major role for long-term value and success, e.g. in the automotive and shipbuilding industry, steel- and bridge construction or in the electroplating industry, to name a few industries.

The MiniTest 725 is ergonomically designed and its rounded shape allows the MiniTest gauge to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. It also features a measuring speed setting option that allows adjustment to changing requirements for utmost efficiency and optimum productivity: taking many readings in a short time with medium precision or taking only a few readings with increased accuracy.

The MiniTest 725 facilitates non-destructive coating measurement of non-magnetic coatings (paint, synthetic material, chromium etc.) on ferromagnetic substrates (steel) and of insulating coatings (varnish, enamel, synthetic material, anodising aluminium etc.) on conductive substrates (aluminium, copper, austenitic stainless steel).

Its sensors perfectly compensate for irregular shaped surfaces thanks to the predefined calibration methods that are available to adapt to a wide range of different surface conditions and accuracy requirements.

The MiniTest 725 gauge is equipped with the new SIDSP® sensors.
SIDSP® is a world wide leading technology for coating thickness sensors. With this new technology, another new benchmark for innovative coating thickness measurement has been set.

SIDSP® stands for Sensor-Integrated Digital Signal Processing:
A technology where the signals are completely processed into digital form inside the sensor at the time and point of measurement.
SIDSP® sensors are manufactured according to completely new state-of-the-art production techniques.

Unlike conventional techniques, the SIDSP® sensors create and control the excitation signals for the sensorhead inside the sensor. The return signals are directly digitally converted and processed at a 32 bits accuracy to give you the complete coating thickness value. For this technique, highly sophisticated methods of digital signal processing are used as known from modern telecommunication technologies (mobile phone networks) such as digital filters, base band converting, averaging, stochastic analysis, etc. This enables the user to achieve a signal quality and precision unmatched so far with analogue signal processing. The thickness value is digitally transmitted via the sensor cable to the display unit. Setting a new standard in coating thickness measurement, this technology offers decisive advantages and improvements compared to the commonly used analogue sensors.

The new SIDSP® sensors guarantee the following:
- High stability of measuring signals
- SIDSP® sensors’ characteristic curves feature high accuracy
- SIDSP® sensors provide excellent adaptability
- SIDSP® N and FN sensors compensate for substrate conductivity
- SIDSP® sensors are highly insensitive to changes in temperature
- SIDSP® sensors are wear-resistant
- Future-oriented solutions

The delivery of the device includes the data transfer software MSoft 7 basic.

  • Correct readings with interference free measurement with precise evaluation through SIDSP®
  • Automatic substrate identification with FN sensors
  • Efficient temperature compensation
  • High precision characteristic curves achieved during the manufacturing process by calibrating up to 50 calibration points
  • Large memory capacity for storing up to 10,000 readings
  • Readings and statistical values can be called-up individually
  • Easy menu-guided operation, 20 menu languages available
  • Future-proof through downloadable sensor and gauge software updates
  • Audible and visual (red and green LED) alarms
  • Large, easy-to-read backlit graphics display
  • Display orientation can rotate 180° so readings will never be upside down
  • Factory set, zero, 2-point, 3-point and roughness calibration
  • SSPC-PA2, ISO, Swedish (SS 18 41 60), Australian (AS 3894.3), ISO 19840 and ASTM D 7091 (formerly D 1186 and D 1400)
  • Integrated sensor
  • Bluetooth® 4.0, Bluetooth Smart®, Mini-USB data transmission to printer or PC

Sensor TypeBuilt-in sensor
Substrate IdentificationYes, with FN sensors
SIDSP® sensorYes, for increased accuracy and reproducibility
Sensor characteristicsHigh-accuracy sensor characteristics through up to 50 calibration points during the sensor manufacture
Individual temperature compensationYes
Number of memories10, user-definable memory arrangement according to batches
Total memory capacitymax. 10,000
Memory batchesInclude readings, a defined calibration mode, parameters and statistics calculated from batch readings
Statistical evaluationNumber of readings, minimum, maximum, mean value, standard deviation, coefficient of variation
Single reading statisticsBlock value statistics (norm-conforming/ user-configurable), stored readings and statistical values can be called seperately, print-out readings and statistics on MiniPrint 7000 data printer, transfer of readings and statistics to a PC
Calibration modesFactory calibration, zero-point, 2-points, 3-point calibration, calbiration method "rough", user-adjustable off-set value, user-adjustable correction value for substrate roughness
International calibration proceduresISO, SSPC, "Swedish", "Australian"
Measuring unitsmetric (μm, mm, cm) / imperial (mils, inch, thou) switchable
DisplayLarge graphical display, backlit, 180° rotatable
MenuUser-friendly, 20 languages
SoftwareSensor and gauge software updates available via download
Measuring rate/ accuracyUser adjustable to standard, quick, high precision
Thickness identificationContinuous mode for quick identification of changes in thickness
Automatic switch-offBattery saving mode with adjustable switch-off mode
Operating temperature–10°C - 60°C
Storage temperature– 20°C - 70°C
Data interfacesBluetooth® 4.0, Bluetooth Smart®, Mini-USB
Power supply2 x AA (Mignon cells), rechargeable NiMH accu batteries type AA/HR6 (as an option)
Norms and standardsDIN EN ISO 1461, 2064, 2178, 2360, 2808, 3882, 19840, ASTM B 244, B 499, D7091, E 376, AS 3894.3, SS 1841 60, SSPC-PA 2
Dimensions157 mm x 75,5 mm x 49 mm
Weightapprox. 175 g
Warranty1 year

Sensor Models & Measuring principle
Sensor Model F:
For measuring coating thickness on ferrous metals
Measuring principle: Magnetic induction principle (Ferrous)

Sensor Model N:
For measuring coating thickness on non-ferrous metals
Measuring principle: Eddy-current principle (Non-Ferrous)

Sensor Model FN:
For measuring coating thickness on ferrous & non-ferrous metals
Measuring principle: Magnetic induction principle & Eddy-current principle

Probes Minitest 735

Calibration of a MiniTest 725-735-745

Complete Kit

The MiniTest 725 is supplied as a complete kit with:

  • MiniTest 725 gauge
  • SIDSP® sensor (according to choice)
  • Calibration set with calibration standards and zero reference plate(s)
  • Instruction manual in German, English, French and Spanish on CD
  • 2 Mignon/ AA batteries
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate
  • MSoft 7 basic data transfer software


Cps in various thicknesses

  • Calibration Foils for Coating Thickness Gauges

More details

Cps in various thicknesses 126033

Buy Now

Product name
725-F1.5 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor F1.5 / 0...1500 µm
€ 785,00 
725-F2 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor F2 / 0…2000 µm
€ 752,50 
725-F2.6 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor F2.6 / 0…2600 µm
€ 785,00 
725-F5 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor F5 / 0…5000 µm
€ 752,50 
725-F15 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor F15 / 0… 15000 µm
€ 1.099,50 
725-N0.7 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor N0.7 / 0…700 µm
€ 839,50 
725-N2.5 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor N2.5 / 0…2500 µm
€ 799,50 
725-N7 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor N7 / 0…7000 µm
€ 965,00 
725-FN1.5 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor FN1.5 / 0…1500 µm (F)/0...700 µm (N)
€ 979,50 
725-FN2.6 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor FN2.6 / 0…2600 µm (F)/0...1300 µm (N)
€ 979,50 
725-FN5 - MiniTest 725 - with SIDSP sensor FN5 / 0…5000 µm (F)/0…2500 µm (N)
€ 934,50 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request