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RX-2000 Max-Hand Durometer

Made in  USAThe RX-2000 durometer is the latest innovation for the testing of specimens with creep.
The RX-2000 has a max-hand and an active hand for observing the creep characteristics of a specimen.
What makes the RX-2000 unique is the magnetic-drag maximum reset mechanism. The user simply rotates the reset knob on the front of the gauge to clear the previous reading. The simplicity of the reset mechanism ensures a lifetime of use, and makes the RX-2000 the most affordable durometer for testing specimens with creep.

All RX-2000 models are supplied with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.


  • Includes NIST traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Holds Reading Until Reset
  • Reads Maximum and Creep
  • Conforms to ASTM D-2240
  • One year warranty
  • Custom Made Carrying Case
  • Cost Effective, Hand Operated

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Dimensions Durometers RX-2000

Complete Kit

The RX-2000 is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer & instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.


Measuring Range
0 - 100 units
±1 durometer unit (A,B,C,D,E,O,DO)
2.25" x 6.125"H
6 oz.
* Note
per ASTM D 2240-05, Sect 9.3: It is accepted that durometer readings below 20 or above 90 are not considered reliable. It is suggested that readings in these ranges be omitted.

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Product name
RX-2000-A - RX-2000 Type A Durometer
€ 484,00 
RX-2000-B - RX-2000 Type B Durometer
€ 530,00 
RX-2000-C - RX-2000 Type C Durometer
€ 530,00 
RX-2000-D - RX-2000 Type D Durometer
€ 484,00 
RX-2000-DO - RX-2000 Type DO Durometer
€ 530,00 
RX-2000-O - RX-2000 Type O Durometer
€ 530,00 


Product name
RX-DIN-FA - ASTM to DIN 53505 foot adapter
€ 131,00 
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