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HB-TBK-A Shore A Test Block Kit

Made in GermanyThe HB-TBK-A Shore Hardness Testblock Kit with different values of hardness. As a reference check it will indicate if a durometer is operating within tolerances. The individual testblocks are provided with serial numbers to guarantee incontestable identification. Comes with custom made carrying case.

Place the durometer on the desired testblock and press on it untill its base reaches the surface. Read the measured value in accordance with the value on the test block.

This Shore Hardness Testblock kit gives the user the ability to develop the proper "feel" and will assist in helping to maintain durometer read-out accuracy for science, manufacturing, research and development. The test kit consists of 7 test blocks.

The hardness values are ranging from 30 durometer to 90 durometer type A.
A durometer should never be calibrated with test blocks. We therefore strongly recommend an annual calibration of the durometer. Please contact Checkline Europe if you would like to make an appointment for a calibration.

Complete Kit

The HB-TBK-A Testblock kit comes with:
  • 7 Testblocks
  • Calibration Certificate
  • User Manual
  • Plastic case with foam padding


  • 7 test blocks: shore range 30 to 90
  • 54 mm x 54 mm x 8 mm
  • According to DIN ISO 7619-1
  • Calibration Certificate


According to DIN ISO 7619-1
7 test blocks 54mm x 54mm x 8mm
Shore 30 to 90
appr. 520 gram

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Product name
HB-TBK-A Shore A Test Block Kit (7 blocks) DIN ISO 7619-1
€ 295,00 
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