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DTMX For applications requiring additional process data

The DTMX For applications requiring additional process data is no longer available and has been replaced by DTX.
Click here to see the DTX.

Made in Germany9 ranges, 0.1 - 200.0 cN to 5 - 50 daN

The new CHECK-LINE DTMX Digital Tension Meters accurately measure the running line tensions of yarns, fibers, wires, cables, optic fibers and similar process materials.

Its unique design combines the latest microprocessor technology with the reliability, simplicity and ruggedness found in CHECK-LINE mechanical tension meters.

The DTMX provides the critical process information required to meet today's strict quality reporting systems mandated under ISO 9000 guidelines.

  • 2 Memory modes for 100 data values and statistics:
    - Continuous storage
    - On-demand storage
  • Analog and serial interfaces
  • Calibration to customer supplied material is available (up to four different material calibrations)
  • Precision V-grooved rollers for line speeds up to 5,000 m/min
  • Memory for up to 100 tension values plus MIN, MAX, PEAK values
    - automatic calculation of average and standard deviation
    -all these data values can be recalled in the display or downloaded to a printer or Personal Computer.
  • Material selector switch for textile and wire applications (Tex and Wire) assures highest accuracy
  • Selectable update rates (0.5, 1, 2, or 4 seconds) to provide steady readings when tensions fluctuate (electronic damping)
  • Built-in mounting holes permit fixed installation for online use
  • Can be connected to a PC or printer for data output
  • Thickness Compensator Automatically Adjusts Calibration
  • DIP switch for adjustment by operator, e.g. display update rate
  • Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according DIN EN 10204 is included
  • Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204 with calibration report

DTMX Advanced Features

Built-in Data logger
The DTMX built-in data logger stores up to 100 tension values and automatically calculates maximum, minimum, peak, average and standard deviation values. The data values and summary statistics can be recalled to the display for viewing or downloaded to a printer or Personal Computer.

The data logger can be set to store in two different modes. In the On-Demand Mode, a tension value is stored, each time the STORE key is pressed. In the Continuous Mode, the STORE key is pressed to start continuous data logging. Each displayed value will be stored until the memory is filled or until the STORE key is pressed again to stop the data logging. The stored data is retained in memory for the life of the batteries.

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Tension Ranges
ModelRanges Head width * (mm)MTC***Resolution 
DTMX-200 0.1 - 200.0 cN 650.1 cN 
DTMX-500 0.1 - 500.0 cN 65XXX0.1 cN 
DTMX-1000 50 - 1000 cN 65XXX1 cN 
DTMX-2000 200 - 2000 cN 65XXX1 cN 
DTMX-2500 250 - 2500 cN 116XXX1 cN 
DTMX-5000 500 - 5000 cN 116XXX1 cN 
DTMX-10K 1.00 -10.00 daN 116XXX0.01 daN 
DTMX-20K-L 2.00 -20.00 daN 216XXX0.01 daN 
DTMX-50K-L 5.00 -50.00 daN 2160.01 daN 
Other measuring head widths available on request. Other units of measure are available, such as g or kg and oz or lb.
* Depending on model, either width of filament guide or outer distance between outside guide rollers
***MTC = Material Thickness Compensator


Special Purpose Models
Optic Fibers Limited Access

Uses low-inertia
32 mm dia. rollers for fragile materials sensitive to bending over a small radius. Rollers are available in plastic or aluminum.

Tension Ranges (g):
0-200, 0-500, 50-1000, 200-2000

Long, flat fingers and miniature V-grooved rollers permit measurement in areas with limited space or tightly grouped filaments.

Tension Ranges (g):
0-200, 0-500, 50-1000, 200-2000


Tapes and Bands Lever Model

Cylindrical rollers are available in 10, 15, 20 and 30 mm widths with single or dual flanges.

Tension Ranges (g):
Refer to Application Guide


The Lever is used instead of the thumb-piece for high tension applications. The lever is optional on the 10 Kg and
20 Kg models; it is standard

Model Factory
Cu-wire annealed****
DTMX-200 0.12 mm Ø 0.10mm Ø  
DTMX-500 0.12 + 0.20 mm Ø 0.16 + 0.25 mm Ø Built-In
DTMX-1K 0.20 + 0.40 mm Ø 0.25 + 0.40 mm Ø Built-In
DTMX-2K 0.40 + 0.70 mm Ø 0.40 + 0.60 mm Ø Built-In
DTMX-2.5KB 0.40 + 0.70 mm Ø 0.40 + 0.60 mm Ø Built-In
DTMX-5KB 0.60 + 1.20 mm Ø 0.60 + 1.00 mm Ø Built-In
DTMX-10KB 0.80 + 1.40 mm Ø 0.70 + 1.20 mm Ø Built-In
DTMXL-20KB 1.20 + 1.80 mm Ø steel rope 1.5
und 2.0 mm Ø
DTMXL-50KB steel rope 1.5 mm Ø
steel rope 2.0 mm Ø

*** Suitable for 95 % of applications
**** Accuracy: ± 3 % full scale (FS) and ± 1 digit

Calibration to customized material:
If process material differs significantly from the factory calibration material in diameter, rigidity or shape, special calibration using customer supplied samples is recommended. For this purpose a material sample of about 5 m should be supplied.

Complete Kit

Delivery includes:
Tension meter with carrying case and batteries, operating instructions in English or German as requested

* Accuracy:± 0.5% Full Scale, ± 1 digit
(10 - 90% of Full Scale)
± 3.0% Full Scale, ± 1 digit
(Remaining portion of range)
Measuring Frequency:62 measurements/second
Deflection of Sensing Roller0.2 mm (maximum)
Overload Capacity:200% of Full Scale
Display:4-Digit LCD, 12 mm high
Display Update Rate:0.5, 1.0, 2.0 or 4.0 seconds, dip-switch selectable
Standard Memory:Last, maximum, minimum and peak
Field Calibration Adjustment:± 7 steps, 1.5% per step
Battery Type:Four (4) 1.5 V AA (included)
Battery Life:20 hours, continuous use
Auto Power Off:After 2 minutes of non-use
Roller Material:Hard Coated (Standard)
Hardened Steel (ST) (optional)
Ceramic (CE) (optional)
Plastic (PL) (optional)
Maximum Speed2000 m/min (standard)
2500 m/min (U)
Housing Material:Die-cast Aluminum
Weight:1.43 lbs. (650 g)
Temperature coefficient:32 to 132 °F (0 to 45 °C)
Warranty:1 year
Memory Capacity:100 values plus maximum, minimum, average, peak, standard deviation and memory location
Memory Operation:Continuous Mode: Automatic storage of each displayed value until memory is full
Serial Output:RS-232C (4800 baud, 8 bit word length, no parity, 2 stop bits)
Analog Output:0-1 VDC, proportional to tension range
AC Adapter (optional):6 VDC @ 300 mA, for continuous in-line use
Note* Quoted accuracy can only be guaranteed on standard factory calibration materials. Because of the wide variety of customer samples, accuracy may exceed standard tolerances.

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