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RTM-D Digital Cable Tension Meter

The RTM-D is a cable tensionmeter esspecially developped for the determinaton of (high) tension in cables like guy wires, support cables, architectual cables etc. The RTM-D can be placed directly on the cable. De device will show the tension on the display.

The RTM-D is suitable for measurements up to 20.000 KG and cable diameters up to 38 mm. The measured values are directly shown on the display without use of a reference tabel.

Measuring principle:
The RTM is placed on the cable under a pre defined angle. This angle is then used to determine the tension in the cable. Since the gauge is calibrated to the cable that is measured it will directly show the tension value. These calibrations can be saved inside the gauge and it is possible to save up to 10 different cable calibrations. Values can be displayed in N, Lbs or Metric Tons

The RTM-D determines quickly, safely, accurately and conveniently cable tension. It can withstand force two times its rated capacity without damage. The RTM features hardened steel cable guides which ensures trouble free operation in the toughest outdoor environments.

Typical Applications
Typical Applications
Typical applications include:
- Telecommunication and microwave towers
- Skilifts
- Bridges

Dimensions-RTM 20D

Tension Ranges
RTM-20D-2 0 - 2 tons 0 - 4,400 lbf   
RTM-20D-5 0 - 5 tons 0 - 11,000 lbf   
RTM-20D-10 0 - 10 tons 0 - 22,000 lbf   
RTM-20D-20 0 - 20 tons 0 - 44,000 lbf   

Complete Kit
The RTM 20D is delivered in a robust and light weight transport case (760 x 400 x 170 mm) for easy handling and protection of the instrument..

Measuring UnitskLbs / kN / Metric tons
Cable Diameter:6 - 38 mm
Accuracy:2 - 6 % of max. capacity
Calibration:10 Different cables (1 included)
Display:LCD, 0-19999, 0.5" high (12mm)
Battery:Standard 9 volt Block
Battery Life:25 hours
Housing material:Corosion proof anodised Aluminium
Dimensions:5.3"x15.0"x27.0" (135x380x685 mm) Gauge
6.7"x15.7"x29.9" (170x400x760 mm) in casing
Weight:6,2 kg net.
Working temperatur":-20 - + 60 degrees Celsius
Protection Class:IP67 / NEMA 13 / IEC 529


Before the RTM-20D can be ordered, we first need to check if the cables you are going to test are available for calibration at the factory. Please download the


and send the completed form to us by email. We can then check if your cables are available or if we require 12 meter samples for calibration.

Buy Now

RTM-D-2 Cable Tension Meter, 2 Tons
€ 7.975,00 
RTM-D-5 Cable Tension Meter, 5 Tons
€ 8.125,00 
RTM-D-10 Cable Tension Meter, 10 Tons
€ 8.425,00 
RTM-D-20 Cable Tension Meter, 20 Tons
€ 8.595,00 

RTM-ADDCABLE Additional Calibration For RTM
€ 375,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1-3 days , Delivery time: 1-3 weeks , special order, request