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Tramex MRH III Digital Moisture & Humidity Meter

The new MRH is an electronic impedance moisture meter for non-destructive measurements. The small pocket size make this hand held gauge ideal for use in different industries, e.g. flooring, indoor air quality, water restoration, pest control, inspection/surveying.

The parallel co-planar electrodes on the base transmit a low-frequency signal into the material under test. For carrying out a test, simply hold the the MRH III to the surface. The MRH can be used on wood, plaster / brick, tiles and plasterboard (drywall). The gauge has plug-in ports for optional probes.

Video Demo MRH III


  • Digital, non destructive meter.
  • Specific Gravity adjustment for most wood species.
  • Deep signal penetration up to over 1" into the materials being tested without the need to damage the surface.
  • External Rubber electrodes make direct contact with the material being tested for best sensitivity and repeatability.
  • Wide range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative for all other materials.
  • "Hold Function" enables user to "freeze" the reading. Useful for taking readings when the meter face is not visible.
  • Switchable "On" or "Off" audio warning tone.
  • Automatic Power Shuttoff switches "Off" when not in use.
  • Automatic Default to last user settings when switched back on.
  • 5 different measurement scales: wood, roofing, masonry, drywall, laminate.

Principle of Operation

The MRH-3 operates on the principle that the electrical impedance of a material varies with its moisture content. The electrical impedance is measured by creating a low frequency alternating electric field between the electrodes as illustrated in Figure 1 below.

This field penetrates the material under test. The very small alternating current flowing through the field is inversely proportional to the impedance of the material. The instrument detects this current, determines its amplitude and thus derives the moisture value.


Complete Kit

The MRH III is available as complete kit, which includes the following:
- Relative Humidity Probe
- Hand Held Wood Moisture Probe
- Infrared surface thermometer
- Manufacturer certificate
- User manual
- Plastic carrying case with foam filling

The MRH III can also be ordered separately, it will then be supplied including the following: - MRH III
- Manufacturer certificate
- User manual
- Protective pouch


Tramex Hammer Probe

  • Tramex HA21SP52 - Hammer Probe

More details

Tramex Electrode 30mm

  • Tramex HH14TP30 - Hand Held Electrode (with cable & 30mm pins)

More details

Tramex RHP-B

  • Relative Humidity Probe for MRH III & CMEXII

More details

Tramex Thermometer

  • Tramex Thermometer

More details

Tramex RH Sleeves

  • Tramex RHSK - Set of Relative Humidity Sleeves
  • Available in sets of 12 or 100 units

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Tramex Check Box

  • Checks: 3 different ranges
  • Easy to use
  • Tolerance: ± 1%

More details


Power supply:
9 Volt Battery (included)
1 year

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Product name
MRH3 - Tramex MRH III Moisture Meter Only
€ 430,00 
BSIZK5.2 - Tramex Building Survey Inspection EZ Kit (MRH3, RHP-SW, HH14TP30, SP200, 6 HOLE
€ 660,00 
BSIK5.2 - Tramex Building Survey Inspection Kit (MRH3, RHP-SW,HH14TP30,HA21SP52,IRT2 SAL75
€ 930,00 


Product name
HA21SP52 - Tramex Hammer Probe for CMEXpert II
€ 145,00 
HH14TP30 - Tramex HH14TP30 - Hand Held Wood Moisture Probe
€ 77,00 
RHP-SW - Tramex RH Short Probe, for use with MRH III & CMEX II & WME
€ 125,00 
RHP-LW - Tramex RH Long Probe, for use with MRH III & CMEX II & WME
€ 185,00 
RHSK - Tramex RHSK - RH Sleeves - 12 hole liner sets, for use with RHP-SW, RHP-LW, RHP
€ 29,00 
RHSK50 - Tramex RHSK50 - 50 hole liner sets, for use with RHP-SW, RHP-LW, RHP & RHP-B
€ 82,00 
RHSK100 - Tramex RHSK100 - 100 hole liner sets, for use with RHP-SW, RHP-LW, RHP & RHP-B
€ 130,00 
CALBOXMRH3 - Calibration Check Box for MRH III Digital Moisture Meter
€ 57,00 
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