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DMD-850-1 Digital Thickness Gauge | DMD-850-1

Made in GermanyThe DMD-850-1 digital thickness gauge determines the thickness of leather, textiles, cardboard, felt, rubber, sheet metal, foil, plywood, etc.

Due to its self-closing mechanism, the DMD-850-1 ensures highest accuracy and resolution of 0.01 mm throughout the measurement range from 0 to 25 mm.


  • Thickness gauge with RS 232 output for data collection
  • Lifting device for opening - self closing mechanism
  • Zero setting by pushing a button
  • Spring force measurement
  • LCD display with user selectable units (mm or inch)
  • Calibration certificate included

Tension Ranges

Model Ranges Resolution Depth of Jaw    
DMD-850-1 0 - 25 mm 0.01 mm500 mm  

Feeler Shape

When ordering the DMD-850-1, please indicate your desired feeler, for example "DMD-850-1-B" for the gauge with feeler "B". Only your desired feeler shape is included.


0.01 mm
Measuring range:
25 mm
Depth of jaw:
500 mm
Measuring pressure:
2 N
Measuring principle:
Self closing
Feeler shape:
LCD 4 digit, 8 mm high
Measuring system:
Weight, net (gross):
1600 g (2000 g)