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133-32, Tension Sensors
133-32, Tension Sensors
133-32, Tension Sensors
133-32, Tension Sensors
133-32, Tension Sensors
133-32, Tension Sensors

133-32 Precision Tension Meter

Made in GermanyThe angled design utilized in this series gives users a general-purpose sensor with a narrow profile. This makes for convenient measurement operations even where space is restricted - typical when measuring woven tapes and web threads.

The range of applications for this series of sensors covers extensive areas in research, quality control and production in the wire, cable, film and textile industries and the like.



  • For measuring monofilament textiles, copper- and steel wires, healds, carbon fibres up to 2,0 mm Ø, as well as tapes, belts, thread groups, films, foils, magnetic tapes, etc.
  • 3 ball-bearing aluminium rollers with V-groove, root Ø 11mm
  • Customized guide rollers optional
  • Measuring path: 70, 100 or 120mm
  • Easy handling even when inserting into running products in cramped quarters
  • Excellent long-term stability and high precision for reproducible measuring results
  • Effective overload protection for uninterrupted availibility
  • Diameter, stiffness, weight and speed of the product being measured have no influence on measuring accuracy
  • Smallest possible angle of contact (10°) means minimum impact by:
    - inherent stiffness
    - acceleration torques
    - inertial forces due to deflection
  • Available in 6 rated load ranges: 0 to 300cN ... 0 to 4daN

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