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RH6 Paper Moisture Meter

RH6 Paper moisture meter with sword sensor for piles of paper.

The RH6 is also ideal for automatic monitoring of climate in printing rooms and paper storage rooms.

The instrument is equiped with a temperature compensated paper and wood moisture content equilibrium and calibration curves for determination of water content.


  • Special model that can be calibrated by the user
  • With hold function for manual data storage and data logger function for automatic data logging
  • Measure humidity in seconds
  • New and revolutionary powerful portable measuring instrument for measuring using innovative sensor technology
  • Gauge menus in English, German, French and Italian
  • 2-Year Warranty

Complete Kit

The RH6 is delivered as a complete kit including:
- RH6 measuring gauge,
- PC-interface,
- software,
- USB adapter,
- wooden case,
- batteries

Calibrated on

- relative humidity
- absolute humidity
- dew point
- wood
- aF kraft liner
- aF testliner


Measuring Range
0 to 100%
Calibration Accuracy
±1.5% (10 to 90%) at 25°C
Temperature Range
-10 to +60°C (14 to 140°F)
Temperature Resolution
Tempature Accuracy
±0.3°C (at 25°C) Pt 1000 DIN B
Temperature Units
can be set to °C or °F as required
Dew point
-55 to +60°C (-67 to 140°F)
Absolute Air Humidity
0 to 130 g/m³, resolution 0.1g/m³
Data Logger
Automatic data log for 10.000 logs with measuring point report
Data Output
USB interface (supplied with data transfer cable & software)
4x 1.5 Volt AA batteries
2 years

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Product name
RH6 - Advanced Paper moisture meter
€ 1.285,00 


Product name
RH-PRINTER - Portable Battery Powered Thermo Printer
€ 395,00 
RH-CAL-UNIT - Calibration equipment for RH6 with sword sensor
€ 175,00 
RH-CAL-AMP1 - Certified calibration ampules - set of 5. 50%r.h.
€ 69,50 
RH-CAL-AMP2 - Certified calibration ampules - set of 5; 2x 35%r.h., 1x 50%r.h., 2x 80%r.h.
€ 87,50 
RH-SWORD - Sword sensor holder for RH5, LF_pro and LF_TS
€ 115,00 
RH-REMOVE - Sword sensor holder removal tool (made of steel, with wooden handle)
€ 45,00 
RH-CAL - Factory calibration certificate protocol documenting the adjustment at delivery
€ 115,00 
RH-FS3-CAL - Checking the calibration of FS3 series devices, RH and LF series
€ 150,00 
RH-BLUETOOTH - Bluetooth data communication option
€ 195,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
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