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MR Series 5 IVO Measuring wheels (50 cm circumference)

Made in GermanyWhen selecting a measuring wheel, consider the type of goods to be measured before you choose the surface properties or the lining of the measuring wheel. The circumference of the measuring wheel should be chosen according to the available space and size of the counter. The smaller the measuring wheel, the more force will need to be exerted on its circumference and the greater the probability of drift leading to false results. The width of the measuring wheel also influences the measuring result.


IVO measuring wheel


  • 0.5m circumfence
  • 5 different lining versions:
  • Aluminium, Cross knurl
  • Smooth Vulkollan
  • Knopped rubber
  • Smooth Hytrel
  • Grooved Hytrel
  • 3 bore size diameters; 7mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Measuring accuracy

The measuring accuracy of a meter counter with measuring wheel depends on the following features:

  • Type of products to be measured
  • Angle of contact
  • Torque of counter or encoder
  • Feeding speed of products
  • Tensile stress of products to be measured
  • Surface roughness
  • Contact pressure of products to be measured against measuring wheel
  • Suppleness of products to be measured
  • Diametrical tolerance of measuring wheel

  • Suitable products to be measured
    Recommended liming Suitable material
    MR592 - Grooved Hytrel Plastic, Painted material, Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Metal, Textile
    MR542 - Smooth Hytrel Plastic, Painted material, Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Metal, Textile
    MR512 - Cross knurl Cardboard, Wood, (Textile)
    MR562 - Knopped rubber Textile
    MR552 - Smooth Vulkollan Plastic, Painted material, Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Metal, Wire


Dimensions Measuring wheels MR Series 5

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MR512.07A Aluminium Measuring Wheel
€ 80,90 
MR542.07D IVO Measuring Wheel
€ 63,60 
MR552.07A IVO Measuring Wheel
€ 118,90 
MR 562.07A IVO Measuring Wheel
€ 82,80 
MR592.07D IVO Measuring Wheel
€ 63,60 
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