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NE216 Multifunctional Counter with two presets

Made in GermanyIVO multifunctional counter with two presets. Can be used in a wide variety of applications. Can be programmed as preselection counter, time meter, totalizer.

Block diagram
Pin assignment


  • Main counter with two presets
  • Scaling can be progr. 0.0001...999.99
  • Interface RS485
  • Start value can be programmed
  • Preselection mode can be programed:
    - Progressive
    - Trailing preselection


Dimensions Electronic Counters NE216


Optional available for counter NE216

Z 100.02A Flexible transp. protective cover for 1 counter
Z 100.04A Flexible transp. protective cover for 2 counters

Z 118.033 Adapter plate for screw fixture
Z 118.034 Adapter plate for clamping bracket fixture
Z 118.035 Adapter plate for clamping bracket fixture with large front plate

See below for dimensions...


7-segment LED-display
5-digit dis. of real value, 7.6 mm high
Decimal point can be programmed
Suppression of leading zero
Minus sign for negative values
Operation, keypad:
Front membrane w. short-stroke keys
Front dimensions:
DIN housing 48 x 48 mm
Front installation
Clamping frame
Version AC: ca. 260 g
Version DC: ca. 140 g
Type of connection:
Plug-in screw terminals
Grid 5.08 mm / 3.81 mm
Core cross-section:
Max. 1.5 mm 2
Housing material:
Polycarbonate black, UL 94V-0
Membrane material:
Supply voltage:
Choice of two voltages via switch on device. When supplied, always higher voltage adjusted.
115 / 230 VAC ±10 % (50 / 60 Hz)
24 / 48 VAC ±10 % (50 / 60 Hz)
12...30 VDC ±10 %, 5 % residual ripple
Power consumption:
5 VA, 4 W
Sensor supply:
12...26 VDC / 60 mA
Signal inputs:
Comparator inputs
PNP, NPN or AC logic
Voltage level 4...40 V
Input resistance ca. 3 kOhm
Input counting rate:
Can be programmed to 3 Hz, 25 Hz, 10 kHz
Control inputs:
2 control inputs for reset, stop, hold, print, etc.
Signal outputs:
Can be programmed as momentary or permanent signals
Impulse time can be programmed 0.01...99.99 s
Relay signal outputs:
2 floating relays can be programmed as normally open or normally closed contacts
Internal spark suppression
Max. swit. voltage 250 VAC/110 VDC
Max. swit. power 1 A
Max. swit. capacity 150 VA/30W
Electronic outputs:
Optocoupler outputs
Max. switching voltage +40 V
Max. switching power 25 mA
Max. residual voltage < 1 V
Data storage:
> 10 years via EEPROM
Operation modes:
To be programmed as adding or subtracting
Counting mode of signal inputs A / B:
UP / DOWN, A - B, A + B, A 90° B x1, A 90° B x2, A 90° B x4
Ambient temperature:
0...+50 °C
Storage temperature:
-20...+70 °C
Relative humudity:
Max. rel. humidity 80 %, at 25 °C, non-condensing
Front IP 65 to DIN 40050
General rating:
EN 61010 Part 1
- Protection class II
- Overvoltage protection categ. II
- Contamination factor 2
Interference immunity:
EN 50082-2
Emitted interference:
EN 50081-1

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