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Cic-Duro Durometer Calibration

Checkline Europe BV Calibration Service
In order to secure the quality of measuring results it is required to have your durometer periodically checked and certified. Furthermore is this periodical calibration obligated for companies that work in accordance with certain standards and perform certified measurements.

In our Calibration Laboratory durometers will be certified and calibrated in accordance with the supplier's/ manufacturer's procedures and specifications, conform ASTM D 2240 / DIN 53505 / NEN-EN-ISO 868

Short lead time
We strive to keep our turnaround as short as possible.
The goal is to return the calibrated instrument within two working days from receipt.

Certification /Calibration /Repair
If during certification the durometer no longer meets the required specifications, it will be adjusted and re-calibrated.
If required, you can receive the measurement results of before and after the adjustment(s). This can be indicated on the Service Return Form.

For our repairs, only original parts are being used, with their corresponding warranty.

Together with the Service Return Form (see below), your durometer* can be sent to:

Checkline Europe BV
Attn. Repair/ Calibration Department
Dennenweg 225-B
7545WE Enschede

* If durometer is digital, please add power supply.



  • Easy planning of calibration
  • Short turnaround
  • Exclusively NIST-certified testing equipment
  • Possibility to adjust and repair

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Calibration Durometer - Calibration Inspection & Certificate Durometer
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