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ETB-ETX Limited Access Digital Tension Meter

Made in GermanyThree long, closely-spaced slender shafts with precision guide rollers or pins at their ends combine with the latest in microprocessor technology to make this instrument top choice for all limited-access, tension measuring applications.

The two outer rollers are tilted upwards for easy material acquisition using the lever on the rear side

The ETPB model is equipped with ceramic pins for line speeds up to 6000 m/min.

  • With ball-bearing mounted, V-grooved guide rollers for line speed up to 2000 m/min (ETB) or 6000 m/min (ETPB)
  • Microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy
  • Battery operated
  • 3 operating modes:
    - NORMAL: for standard use
    - DAMPING: mode to ensure steady readings, when tension fluctuates (electronic damping)
    - PEAK: for retaining the highest reading reached during the measuring period
  • Guide rollers are mounted on long shafts to reach into tight places
  • Specific Test Report with calibration report optionally available
  • "Zero setting" using a push button for measurement in different measuring positions
  • Storage of MIN, MAX and PEAK tension which can be recalled or downloaded to a PC
  • Adjustable electronic damping for better reading when tension is constantly changing
  • Analog and RS232 output signal to be used for line recorder or PC
  • Display can be reversed for right and left hand use
  • Changeable units cN and g

Tension Ranges
ModelRange / Resolution Calibration**with filamentMax. Line SpeedMeasuring
Head width*
ETB-100 / ETX-100 0.3 - 100.0 / 0.1 cN PA: 0.20 mm Ø2000 m/min24 mm 
ETB-200 / ETX-200 2.0 - 200.0 / 0.1 cN PA: 0.20 mm Ø2000 m/min24 mm 
ETB-500 / ETX-200 2.0 - 500.0 / 0.1 cN PA: 0.20 mm Ø2000 m/min24 mm 
ETB-1000 / ETX-1000 3 - 1000 cN / 0.1 cN PA: 0.30 mm Ø2000 m/min38 mm 
ETB-2000 / ETX-2000 3 - 2000 cN / 0.1 cN PA: 0.50 mm Ø2000 m/min38 mm 
ETPB-100 / ETPX-100 0.3 - 100.0 / 0.1 cN PA: 0.20 mm Ø6000 m/min22 mm 
ETPB-200 / ETPX-200 2.0 - 200.0 / 0.1 cN PA: 0.20 mm Ø6000 m/min22 mm 
ETPB-500 / ETPX-500 2.0 - 500.0 / 0.1 cN PA: 0.20 mm Ø6000 m/min22 mm 
ETPB/ETPX model has ceramic pins for line speeds up to 6000 m/min

* Outer distance between outside guide rollers
** Suitable for 95% of applications - PA = Polyamide Monofilament

Complete Kit
Delivery includes:
Tension meter with carrying case and batteries, operating instructions in English or German as requested

Note: Models ETMP are delivered with Guide Pins No. R12050

Calibration:According to SCHMIDT factory procedure
Accuracy:±1% full scale and ±1 digit
typical ±0.5% full scale
Overrange:approx. 10% full scale, without accuracy guarantee
Overload protection:200% of tension range
Measuring principle:Strain gauge bridge
Measuring roller deflection:0.5 mm max
Signal processing:Digital, 12 bit A/D convertor
Sampling rate:approx. 5kHz (Internal only)
Damping:adjustable electronic damping
(Moving averaging)
Temperature coefficient:Gain: less than ± 0.01% full scale/°C
Memory:Last, Average, MAX, MIN, MAX (peak), MIN (peak)
Display:4-digit LCD, 11 mm high
Display update rate:0.5 seconds
Analog output signal:2 V DC, linearized
Output signal digital:RS232 (9600, 8, N, 1)
Natural frequency:250 Hz
Autozero:± 20% full scale
Temperature range:10-45ºC
Air humidity:85% RH, max.
Power supply:9 V E block, e.g. long-life 9 V Lithium
(about 80 hours of continuous use)
Housing material:Aluminum profile with plastic outer casing (PVC)
Housing dimensions:197 x 58 x 47 mm (L x W x H)
Weight, net (gross):approx. 380 g (1050 g)