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DTMB Basic unit for many applications

Made in GermanyElectronic tension meter manufactured  for applications with yarns, fibers, wires, cables, optic fibers, tire cord, webs & warps, tapes & bands, tows, ribbons etc.

Easy mounting For online application, built-in material thicknesscompensator with material sample inserted

Field adjustment function
for fine tuning of the calibration for materials which differ from factory standard calibration material; the displayed value can be increased or decreased in ±1.5% increments.

The DTMB provides critical process information required to meet today's strict quality reporting systems mandated under ISO 9000 guidelines.

  • Precision strain gauge sensing for highest accuracy measures force on middle sensing roller
  • Selectable update rates (0.5, 1, 2 or 4 seconds) to provide steady readings when tensions fluctuate (electronic damping)
  • Recall of measured MIN, MAX and PEAK values
  • Zero adjustment feature permits use of the tension meter in various measuring positions, maintaining highest accuracy
  • Built-in mounting holes permit fixed installation for online use
  • Everything in operator's view:
    • the guide rollers
    • the measured material
    • the readings
    • Measuring frequency: 62 measurements/second
    • The display shows averaged values calculated during the update interval t1
    • Calibration to customer supplied material is available (up to two different material calibrations)
    • Filament guide and roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material
    • Ball-bearing mounted, V-grooved guide rollers for Line Speeds up to 2,000 m/min
    • Rugged aluminium housing for long-term durability
    • Battery operated (AC adapter for continuous operation available)
    • Specific Test Report with Calibration report optionally available
    • Material thickness compensator for better accuracy
    • Microprocessor automatically fine-tunes the calibration to correct for different material diameters.

    Dimensions DTMB

    Special Purpose Models
    Optic Fibers Limited Access
    • FTMB

    Uses low-inertia
    32 mm dia. rollers for fragile materials sensitive to bending over a small radius. Rollers are available in plastic or aluminum.

    Tension Ranges (g):
    0-200, 0-500, 50-1000, 200-2000
    • DTFB

    Long, flat fingers and miniature V-grooved rollers permit measurement in areas with limited space or tightly grouped filaments.

    Tension Ranges (g):
    0-200, 0-500, 50-1000, 200-2000


    Tapes and Bands Lever Model
    • RTMB •  BTMB

    Cylindrical rollers are available in 10, 15, 20 and 30 mm widths with single or dual flanges.

    Tension Ranges (g):
    Refer to Application Guide

    • DTMBL

    The Lever is used instead of the thumb-piece for high tension applications. The lever is optional on the 10 Kg and
    20 Kg models; it is standard

    Model Tension
    Range g
    Material PA***
    DTMB-200 0.1 - 200.0 0.12 mm Ø  
    DTMB-500 0.1 - 500.0 0.12 + 0.20 mm Ø Built-In
    DTMB-1K 50 - 1000 0.20 + 0.40 mm Ø Built-In
    DTMB-2K 200 - 2000 0.40 + 0.70 mm Ø Built-In
    DTMB-2.5KB 250 - 2500 0.40 + 0.70 mm Ø Built-In
    DTMB-5KB 500 - 5000 0.60 + 1.20 mm Ø Built-In
    DTMB-10KB 1.00 - 10.00 kg 0.80 + 1.40 mm Ø Built-In
    DTMBL-20KB 2.00 - 20.00 kg 1.20 + 1.80 mm Ø  
    DTMBL-50KB 5.00 - 50.00 kg steel rope 1.5mm Ø
    *** Suitable for 95% of applications
    Calibration to customized material:
    If process material differs significantly from the factory calibration material in diameter, rigidity or shape, special calibration using customer supplied samples is recommended. For this purpose a material sample of about 5 m should be supplied.

    Tension Ranges
    Head width * Calibration Material Textile industry applications Wire Industry Applications
    DTMB-200 0.1 -
    650.12mm Ømax. 200 texmax.
    0,15 mm Ø
    DTMB-500 0.1 -
    650.12 +
    0.20 mm Ø
    20-500 tex0.05 -
    0.25 mm Ø
    DTMB-1000 50 -
    650.20 +
    0.40 mm Ø
    10-1000 tex0.10 -
    0.40 mm Ø
    DTMB-2000 200 -
    650.40 +
    0.70 mm Ø
    300-2000 tex0.30 -
    0.60 mm Ø
    DTMB-2500 250-
    1160.40 +
    0.70 mm Ø
    400-2500 tex0.30 -
    0.60 mm Ø
    DTMB-5000 500-
    1160.60 +
    1.20 mm Ø
    800-5000 tex0.40 -
    1.00 mm Ø
    DTMB-10K 1.00 -
    10.00 daN
    1160.80 +
    1.40 mm Ø
    10000 tex
    0.70 -
    1.20 mm Ø
    DTMB-20K-L 2.00 -
    20.00 daN
    2161.20 +
    1.80 mm Ø
    20000 tex
    1.00 -
    1.70 mm Ø
    DTMB-50K-L 5.00 -
    50.00 daN
    1.5 mm Ø
    (7 x 7 x 0.2)
    50000 tex
    1.40 -
    2.00 mm Ø
    Other measuring head widths are available on request. Other units of measure are available in g or kg and oz or lb.
    *Depending on model, either width of filament guide or outer distance between outside guide rollers.
    **Suitable for 95% of applications - PA = Polyamid-Monofilament

    Material Thickness Compensator on all models except DTMB-200 and DTMB-50K-L

    Special calibration using customer supplied samples is recommended, if process material differs significantly from the SCHMIDT calibration material in diameter, rigidity or shape. For this purpose a material sample of about 5 m should be supplied.

    Complete Kit
    Delivery includes:
    Tension meter with carrying case and batteries, operating instructions in English or German as requested

    Optional available
    DTM-AC-115 AC adapter 6 V DC for 115 V AC
    DTM-AC-230 AC adapter 6 V DC for 230 V AC

    Calibration:According to SCHMIDT factory procedure
    Accuracy:for 10% to 90% of range:
    ± 0.5% full scale and ± 1 digit
    remaining range and other calibration material:
    ± 3% full scale and ± 1 digit
    Overrange:Approx. 15% full scale, without accuracy guarantee
    Overload protection:100% of tension range
    Measuring principle:Strain gauge bridge
    Measuring roller deflection:0.2 mm max.
    Signal processing:Digital
    Measuring frequency:62 measurements/sec
    Converter:12 bit A/D
    Temperature coefficient:Gain: less than ± 0.01% full scale/°C
    Zero point: less than ± 0.3% full scale/°C
    Display:4-digit LCD, 12 mm high
    Display update rate:0.5,1,2 or 4 seconds selectable
    Memory:Last, MIN, MAX, PEAK values
    Field adjustment:± 7 steps in 1.5% increments
    Temperature range:10 - 45ºC
    Air humidity:85% RH, max.
    Power supply:4 size AA batteries 1.5 V
    (about 20 hours of continuous use)
    Auto power off:After 2 minutes of non-use
    Housing material:Die-cast aluminium
    Housing dimensions:235 x 76 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
    Weight, net (gross):Up to DTMB-10K approx. 680 g (1500 g)
    DTMB-20K-L and higher approx. 1000 g (2200 g)

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