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PenTest Magnetic pull-off Coating Thickness Gauge

Made in GermanyMagnetic pull-off coating thickness gauge according to the magnetic attraction principle for non-destructive, quick and easy measurement such as paint, plastics, enamel on steel.

Featuring a patented HOLD mechanism, this dry film gauge keeps the thickness indicator in place for easy reading. The HOLD mechanism can be used as a “memory” for the last reading. Major applications are quick-check measurements on steel constructions, painted steel panels and all kinds of steel substrates. Measuring principle according to DIN EN ISO 2178. No batteries or other power supply required.

Easy to use:
Designed as a pen with a pocket clip, the gauge is ready for use at any place or time. Just place the tip of the gauge onto the dry paint coating as shown on the photo. Use your thumb to give it a firm contact to the surface to be measured. Then pull up carefully the black slide until the magnet lifts off from the coating surface.

Read coating thickness in microns on the 50 mm long scale, longer than the scale of any other pull-off gauge.


  • Non-wearing permanent magnet
  • No calibration required
  • Measuring without power supply
  • Measurement value hold for exact readings
  • Coloured zones for quick go/no-go quality assessment
  • For open and recessed measuring areas



Measuring range
25 µm - 700 µm
Minimum measuring area
Ø 25 mm dia.
± 10% of reading
Ambient temperature
-10 °C - 80 °C
151 mm length, Ø 10 mm dia

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Product name
PenTest µm/mils 25...700 µm Coating Thickness Gauge
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