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TCM Bottle Cap Torque Analyzer

The TCM Bottle Cap Torque Analyzer is no longer available and has been replaced by CAP-TT01.
Click here to see the CAP-TT01.

Made in the USAThe TCM closure torque analyzer accurately measures twist-off and twist-on force. Furthermore its versatile clamping jaws securely hold a multitude of shapes and sizes within its adjustable grips. The TCM is an ideal tester for bottlers, food and beverage companies, and others who need to measure closure torque.

The TCM mechanical Bottle Cap Torque Analyzer captures peak torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions for application and removal measurements.

It is highly recommended to verify that the correct torque has been applied to caps to ensure quality product:

  • Correctly sealed while remaining easy to open
  • Minimal leakage & deterioration
  • Safe storage and transportation


  • Easy to read dual scale
  • Captures Peak Torque
  • Bi-directional measurement
  • Easy operation

Operating Procedure
Simply place jar into jaws, clamp jar snug (don’t over clamp), then push the red reset button on the front of the unit.

Then twist lid and read the torque measured on the dial indicator.

Tension Ranges
Model Ranges CapacityResolution  
TCM-1 7 -100 cN.m
10 - 40 ozf.in
2 ozf.in
2 ozf-in
1 cN-m
TCM-3 0.2 - 3.0 N.m
2 - 26 lbf.in
0.05 N.m
0.5 lbf.in
TCM-5 0.3 - 5.0 N.m
3 - 45 lbf.in
0.05 N.m
1.0 lbf.in
0.5 lbf-in
0.05 N-m
TCM-10 0.5 - 10 N.m
4 - 90 lbf.in
0.1 N.m
1.0 lbf.in
1 lbf-in
0.1 N-m
TCM-15 1 - 15 N.m
4 - 132 lbf.in
0.2 N.m
2.0 lbf.in
2 lbf-in
0.2 N-m

Dimensions TCM

Accuracy +/- 4% of reading
Max grip diameter 135 mm
Weigth 6.9 Kg

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