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136-3 Heavy Duty Tension Meter

Made in GermanyTwelve (12) Ranges - Up to 1000 Kg 
Cable Diameters - Up tp 30 mm (1.25")

The CHECK-LINE Model 136-3 Hand-held Tension Meter is designed for use on larger diameter materials such as cables, large diameter wire, wire ropes and similar materials up to 30mm (1.25").

It is designed to minimize the effects of different material rigidities when measuring on a variety of material sizes and also features a unique "tri-tens" system where the material can be threaded through the 3 rollers in 3 distinct patterns.

Each threading pattern provides a different multiplying factor. For instance, assuming the Threading Pattern "D" below, (where all 3 rollers are on the same side), versus Threading Pattern "E", where one roller is on one side and 2 rollers are on the other side. Pattern "E" provides a multiplier of approximately 5x compared to threading Pattern "D".

This permits the user to use the most appropriate threading pattern based on the tensions required for a specific material. In other words, the same hand-held sensor can be considered to have 3 different capacities, (depending upon threading pattern "D", "E" or "F"). For example, when using a 400 mm wide outer roller bracket.


  1. • 100 Lb Capacity when using "D"

    • 25 Lb Capacity when using "E"

    • 15 Lb Capacity when using "F"

S6 Model for Tire Cord

For Tire Cord and similar applications, we offer our model S6 which features oversized 42 mm diameter V-Grooved rollers with ceramic plasma coating to withstand the high speeds, forces and abrasion normally found when measuring Tire Cord Tension.

Download S6 Dimensions here

  • One sensor for three measuring ranges TritensĀ®
  • Easy material threading
  • Unaffected by changes in material diameter and rigidity
  • Minimal material deflection
  • Tension ranges up to 1000 Kg

Material Threading Animation

Pattern D

Pattern E

Pattern F
Click images to view material threading animations

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