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136-3E Wire/Cable Tension Meter
(for wires anchored at both ends)

Made in Germany5 Ranges, up 1000lbs / 500 Kg / 5000N
For Wire Diameters up to 0.200" / 5mm

Designed for measuring wires & cables that are anchored/fixed at both ends (closed system) such as guy wires, support cables, tethers and more. Also commonly used on Kevlar, fiberglass and other hi-strength materials when used in a similar applications.

The 136-3E employs a unique roller configuration and measurement scheme to minimize the deflection of the wire/cable. The total wrap angle of the material over the center sensing roller is 3 degrees eliminating all measurement errors!

No other company or product in the world can make this claim!

The material threading pattern (refer to illustration below) insures easy material acquisition and good tactile feedback allowing for excellent repeatability between measurements as well as between different users.

Precision ball-bearing rollers are used to eliminate any error caused by friction. These rollers are mounted on a large mounting plate properly spaced to remove the negative influence normally caused by the inherent rigidity of wires and cable up to 5 mm in diameter (0.200").

Diameter Compensation Adjustment
The 136-3E is fitted with an exclusive mechanicalcompensation which adjusts the measuring geometry to insure optimal accuracy regardlessof the diameter of the material to be measured.

It consists of an calibrated rotary dial fitted tothe rear-side of the right outer roller. The usersimply rotates the dial until the numeric valueon the dial is set to the actual wire diameter &then is locked in position. To change for a largeror smaller diameter, unlock and dial to new value.Simple, quick and effective!

  • Built-in material diameter compensation for error-free measurements of samples up to 5 mm (0.200")
  • Splashproof version of sensor & indicator is offered for use in wet environments (in rain or near splashing water)
  • Minimal material deflection eliminates measurement errors
  • Wear-resistant, ball-bearing guide rollers eliminate errors caused by friction

Tension Ranges

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More details

D-485 Digital Tension Indicator with Built-In Amplifier

Accuracy ± 1.5% Full Scale or better
Outer Roller 370 mm
Wrap Angle 3 Degrees
Additional Length Effect 0.12 mm
Guide Rollers V-Grooved Aluminum 47/21 mm (OD/Root Diameter)
Overload Protection 200%
Calibration Certificate Optional
Pricing Please Contact Us for pricing