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N88-2-D Digital Pit Gauge

The N88-2-D Digital Pit Gauge with a 64 mm (2.5") basic blade is the perfect tool to determine the amount of surface corrosion on metal constructions like pipelines, support structures, storage tanks, drill pipes or steel bridges
But the N88-2-D pit gauge can also be used on aircraft components or concrete structures, the measurements can be focused on local corrosion areas but with the proper extensions the corrosion inspector can span larger areas to determine the material loss and/or dents over these larger areas.

This digital pit gauge has a spring loaded lever that makes it very suitable for fast inspection of various surfaces.
The blades are interchangeable and can be height adjusted.
Our Pit Gauges assure compliance with vessel, pipeline, tank and OCTG specifications for corrosion and erosion depth measurement.

  • Digital metric and imperial gauge
  • Resolution 0.01 mm
  • Range 0.0 to 12.7 mm
  • Measurements by manual pressure by plunger
  • 63.5 mm blade
  • Read indicators are interchangeable with all model bridges and blades in the N88 series
  • Conforms to ASTM G46-94
  • Includes NIST- Traceable Calibration Certificate

Complete Kit

The complete kit includes:

  • Digital metric/imperial gauge
  • Needle tip (#1)
  • Conical tip (#2)
  • Blade 63.5 mm
  • Allen wrench
  • NIST Certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Wooden box 90 mm x 150 mm x 39 mm (L x W x H)


360 degree photo

Available Contact Points
  • 1

    Contact Point (or Standard) – N88-S. This Contact Point was designed for general Corrosion Testing, and remains the most universal in use. The #1 tapers down, over its length, to a blunt point that is less than 0.75 mm (0.030”)  in Diameter.

  • 2

    Contact Point (or Conical) – N88-C. This Contact Point is more robust than the Standard Contact Point, due to its much larger size. The #2 Contact Point is recommended when a large amount of Scanning is being performed. The #2 tapers down, over its length, to a rounded point that is approximately 0.5 mm (0.020”) in Diameter.

  • 3

    Needle Point – N88-N The Needle Point was developed to satisfy the needs of Corrosion Coupon Evaluations, where pits are shallow and small in diameter. The #3 Needle Point tapers down to a very sharp point, so as a result they tend to be very delicate.

contact points

Zeroing the Digital Indicator before use

The vertical position of the contact point, needs to be zeroed with respect to the knife edge of the blade. Zeroing can be accomplished by placing the blade on a representive smooth serface and gently pressing the plunger until the contact point touches the surface. While the contact point is on the surface, press the "Zero" button on the gauge. 

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Dimensions Pit Gauges N88-2-D

Measuring range
0.0 to 12.7 mm (0 - 0.5")
0.01 mm (0.001")
Scale diameter
56 mm
Spring force
Self retracting needle
Weight (net.)
150 g
Weight (including case)
270 g
Length blade
63.5 mm
Dimensions case
90 mm x 150 mm x 39 mm (L x W x H)
1 year
LCD 4 digits, 9.6 mm high
Button cell 357 / 303 / V357 / V303 / SR44
Temperature range
10 - 45°C

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Product name
N88-2-D Digital Basic Pit Gauge (14mm x in 0.01mm / 0.550” x 0.001”)
€ 294,00 

Product name
N88-S - Standard #1 Contact Point
€ 14,00 
N88-C - Conical #2 Contact Point
€ 14,00 
N88-N - Needle #3 Contact Point
€ 29,00 
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