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  • Standard encoder with 58 mm dia.
  • Resolution up to 6000 pulses/revolution
  • Speed up to 10000 rpm
  • Signal outputs A, A inv., B, B inv., N, N inv.
  • Temperature range at 5 VDC up to 100 °C

Output signals

Signals with clockwise rotation when looking at the flange.
Line driver (5 VDC)
Level high > 2.5 V (with I = -20 mA)
Level low < 0.5 V (with I = 20 mA)
Loading high < 20 mA
Loading high < 20 mA

Push-pull output (10...30 VDC)
Level high > UB -3 V (with I = -20 mA)
Level low < 1.5 V (with I = 20 mA)
Loading high < 40 mA
Loading high < 40 mA

Push-pull output (4,75...30 VDC)
Level high > UB -3 V (with I = -20 mA)
Level low < 0.5 V (with I = 20 mA)
Loading high < 20 mA
Loading high < 20 mA

Dimensions GI355 - GI356

Dimensions-2IVO Encoders GI355 - GI356

Product Configurations
Plug Cable Color Assignment
Pin 1 pink Track B inv.
Pin 2 blue UB Sense
Pin 3 red Track N (zero pulses)
Pin 4 black Tr. N inv. (zero pulses inv.)
Pin 5 brown Track A
Pin 6 green Track A inv.
Pin 7 - -
Pin 8 gray Track B
Pin 9 - -
Pin 10 white/green GND
Pin 11 white GND Sense
Pin 12 brown/green UB

UB Sense and GND Sense are directly connected to UB and GND respectively. Recommendation: Please use leads twisted in pairs (e.g. A/A inv.) for cable lengths of 10 m or more.

Operating voltage 5 VDC ±10 %
10...30 VDC
4.75...30 VDC
with reverse voltage protection
Current consumption Max. 30 mA (w/o load), at 24 VDC
Max. 60 mA (w/o load), at 5 VDC
Limit frequency 150 kHz
Output signals Channel A, B, N + inverted
Output stages
5 VDC Line driver to RS422
10...30 VDC Push-pull output, short-circuitproof or line driver to RS422
4.75...30 VDC Push-pull outp., short-circuit-proof
Speed Max. 10000 rpm
Start-up torque
without sealing (IP54) < 0.010 Nm
with sealing (IP65) < 0.015 Nm
Shaft loading
axial < 20 N
radial < 40 N
Moment of inertia 1.45 x 10-6 kgm2
Housing material Aluminium
Weight Approx. 250 g
Operating temperature -20...+100 °C at 5 VDC
-20...+85 °C at 10...30 VDC
-20...+85 °C at 4.75...30 VDC
Protection type
Shaft without sealing IP 54
Shaft with sealing IP 65
Humidity Max. relative humidity 95 %, non-condensing
Vibration DIN EN 60068-2-6
<100 m/s2, 16-2000 Hz
Shock DIN EN 60068-2-27
<1000 m/s2, 4 ms
Interference resistance DIN EN 61000-6-2
Emitted interference DIN EN 61000-6-4

Order No.
Z 119.006 Eccentric mounting
Z 119.013 Adapter plate for clamping flange
Z 119.015 Mounting bell for servo flange
Z 119.017 Angular mounting for clamping flange
Z 119.025 Adapter plate for clamping flange
Z 119.033 Adapter plate, ø65 mm for clamping flange
Z 119.035 Bearing flange for servo flange

Extension cord with connector on one end
Z 141.001 Connector without cable
Z 141.003 Connector with 2 m cable
Z 141.005 Connector with 5 m cable
Z 141.007 Connector with 10 m cable


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