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MiniTest 3100 Coating Thickness Gauge

Made in GermanyThe MiniTest 3100 gauge is a small universal gauge designed for non-destructive coating thickness measurement that offers different posibilities for processing measuring values.

There is a variety of probes available that can be connected to the MiniTest 3100. To select the most suitable probe, the thickness of the coating to be measured as well as the thickness of the substrate and the geometry have to be taken into consideration. We offer you a range of probes suitable for standard as well as for special applications.

Using the replaceable probes, the MiniTest 3100 is able to perform coating thickness measurement on both steel and non-ferrous metals. For measurements on steel, the magnetic induction principle is used allowing measurement of all insulating coatings, e. g. paint, enamel etc., and non-ferrous metals on steel and ferrous metals. Probes working on the magnetic induction principle are referred to as F-probes. For measurements of insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals, the eddy current principle is used. Probes working on this principle are referred to as N-probes.

  • Wide range of wear resistant probes which can be adapted to different applications
  • Universal probe with automatic substrate detection allows fast measurement on steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Wear resistant probes of practically unlimited lifetime
  • High measuring accuracy and reproducibility
  • Storage and evaluation of measuring values

Technical Data - Probes

Measuring Range
Probe dependent, see overview
max. 10,000 individual readings
Number of application memories
Number of batches for each application memory
Number of batches with individual value memories
max. 100
Measuring Units
microns / mils
Power Supply
1 x 9V alkaline battery or AC adapter
Battery Life
10,000 measurements
Conforming Standards
DIN 50981, 50982, 50984, ISO 2178, 2360/BS 5411/ASTM B499, B244 – CE
Operating Temperature
Gauge: 0 - 50 °C
Probe: -10 - 70 °C
150 x 82 x 35 mm
270 g

Buy Now

Product name
MiniTest 3100 - Basic unit w/o probe, with plastic case
€ 1.045,00 

Product name
FN 1.6 (high resolution probe) 0... 1600 µm
€ 1.224,50 
FN 1.6 P Powder probe 0... 1600 µm
€ 1.744,50 
FN 1.6/90 Internal Pipe Probe (high resolution) 0... 1600 µm
€ 1.297,50 
FN 2/90 Internal Pipe Probe 0... 2000 µm
€ 1.324,50 
F05 Probe - 0...500 µm
€ 762,50 
F1.6 High Resolution Probe (0...1600 µm)
€ 672,50 
F 2/HT250°C - F 2 probe for high temperatures up to 250 °C (reduced measuring range for HT pro
€ 917,50 
F 2/HT350°C - F 2 probe for high temperatures up to 350 °C (reduced measuring range for HT pro
€ 1.645,00 
F 3 - F3 Probe - 0...3000 µm
€ 669,50 
F 1.6/90 Internal Pipe Probe (high resolution probe) 0... 1600 µm
€ 879,50 
F 2/90 Internal Pipe Probe (high resolution probe) 0... 2000 µm
€ 894,50 
F10/2 Probe - 0-10mm
€ 959,50 
F20 Probe - 0...20 mm
€ 959,50 
F50 Probe - 0...50 mm
€ 1.534,50 
N .08 Cr Probe - 0...80 µm
€ 859,50 
N02 Probe - 0-200 µm
€ 857,50 
N 1.6 high resolution probe - 0...1600 µm
€ 824,50 
N 1.6/90 Internal Pipe high resolution probe - 0...1600 µm
€ 957,50 
N 2/90 Internal Pipe high resolution probe - 0...2000 µm
€ 954,50 
N 10/2 Probe - 0...10 mm
€ 1.259,50 
N20 Probe - 0...20 mm
€ 1.259,50 
N100 Probe - 0...100 mm
€ 1.659,50 
CN 02 Probe for Cu coatings on insulating substrates - 10...200 µm
€ 1.327,50 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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