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  High performance programmable force gauge - DPZS-DPU
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Tension Ranges
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DPZS-DPU High performance programmable force gauge

The new DPZ Series digital force gauges are designed for hand-held use or for mounting on a test stand. The ergonomically-designed, cast aluminum housing is extremely rugged for trouble-free operation in the toughest industrial environments. User-selected units of Pounds, Kilograms and Newtons. The DPZS is a High performance programmable force gauge with with seperate remote load sensor.

 Storage of 960 values, which can be recalled or downloaded to a PC
 Output signals (RS232C, analog and Mitutoyo Digimatic)
 Selectable Modes:
Real Time (to display load transients)
Peak Modes (to capture the peak force achieved during a test)
 High internal sampling time of 1000 times/sec
 Free manufacturer´s calibration report
 Easy to read LCD display
 Overload protection 200 % full scale
 For hand-held use or mounting on test stands
 Programmable high/low setpoints for go/no-go testing with color-coded indicators (orange, green, red) in the LED display and relais outputs
 User selectable units: N, kgf (gf) and lb (oz)
 Quick display update rate of 10 times/sec
 Ergonomically-designed, rugged die-cast aluminium housing
 Zero Set" to zero the gauge in all operating positions
 Operates on rechargeable NiCd batteries or AC adapter
 Full set of accessories and carrying case included
 Buttom view of DPZ:
AC connector, ananlog/serial output and Digimatic connector (from left to right)

 Tension Ranges
Model RangesResolutionMeasuring shaft
DPZS-2N-DPU 2.000 N0.001 NM6
DPZS-5-DPU 5.000 N0.001 NM6
DPZS-20N-DPU 20.00 N0.01 NM6
DPZS-50-DPU 50.00N0.01 NM6
DPZS-100-DPU 100.0N0.1 NM6
DPZS-200-DPU 200.0 N0.1 NM6
DPZ-500-DPU 500.0 N0.1 NM6
DPZS-1000-DPU 1000 N1 NM10
DPZS-2000-DPU 2000 N1 NM10
DPZS-5000-DPU 5000 N1 NM10
DPZS-10K-DPU* 10K N10 Nfemale screw
DPZS-50K-DPU* 20 KN10 Nfemale screw

 Complete Kit
Delivery includes:
Force gauge, standard attachments, AC adapter, carrying case, manufacturer's calibration report, operating instructions in English or German as requested.
Complete kit


 Standard Attachments

(1) Small hook, A-1, S-1
(2) Flat tip, A-2, S-2
(3) Conical tip A-3, S-3
(4) Chisel tip A-4, S-4
(5) Notched tip A-5, S-5
(6) Extension shaft A-6, S-6
(7) Large hook S-7
(8) Y-hook S-8
(9) Small hook B-1
(10) Flat tip B-2
(11) Conical Tip B-3
(12) Chisel tip B-4
(13) Notched tip B-5
(14) Extension shaft B-6

A-Series (aluminium,thread M 6) attachments are supplied for models with capacities up to 100 N
S-Series (steel, thread M6) attachments are supplied for models with capacity from 100 N to 500 N


Connecting cables analog for connection to a line recorder.

Connecting cable for series DPZ, DPZS, DPZH, DTX and HTG.

 Click image for more details


Connection cables for RS-232C for connection to PC

Sub D9 female for series DPZ, DPZS, DPZH, DTX and HTG.

 Click image for more details


Digimatic connecting cables for connecting to Mitutoyo evaluation units.

For series DPZ, DPZS, DPZH, DTX and HTG

 Click image for more details

Displacement: 0,2 mm
Accuracy: ± 0,2% Full scale ± 1 digit
Selectable units: N, Kgf (gf), lb (oz)
Display: 4 digit, 14 mm high
Overload capacity: 200% Full scale,
flashing LED beyond 108% full scale
Zero adjustment: 10% Full scale
A/D Converter 16 bit
Memory: non-volatile, recall up to 930 loads
recalls both Peaks - tension and compression
Setpoints: Programmable high/low setpoints with color-coded indicator
Output of setpoints: Open collector: +NG, OK, -NG, OVL;
max. 30 V DC, 10 mA
Output signal: RS 232 C (8, 1, N, 19200),
analog ± 2 V DC,
Mitutoyo Digimatic
Temperature range: 5 - 45°C
Air humidity: 85% RH, max.
Low battery indicator: Display flashes "BAT", when battery is low
Power supply: Rechargeable NiCd battery pack (app. 8 hour continous use)
and/or 230 V AC adapter
Housing dimensions: 220 x 78 x 32 mm (L x W x H) display unit
Weight, net (gross) Display unit: approx. 410 g (1400 g)
Sensor: 290 g

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 DPZS-2-DPU € 1260.00 DPZS-2-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-5-DPU € 1260.00 DPZS-5-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-20-DPU € 1260.00 DPZS-20-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-50-DPU € 1260.00 DPZS-50-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-100-DPU € 1260.00 DPZS-100-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-200-DPU € 1260.00 DPZS-200-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-500-DPU € 1260.00 DPZS-500-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-1000-DPU € 1690.00 DPZS-1000-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-2000-DPU € 1690.00 DPZS-2000-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-5000-DPU € 1890.00 DPZS-5000-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-10K-DPU € 1890.00 DPZS-10K-DPU Complete kit
 DPZS-20K-DPU € 2220.00 DPZS-20K-DPU Complete kit

All mentioned prices are excluding VAT

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